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These Happy Tips will Help Lift Feelings of Depression

With everything that is going on around us, many individuals are feeling depressed and unsettled, so try one of two of these happy tips to lift your mood.




As someone who likes to get stuck into projects when I'm feeling down or depressed, I'm sure there are many individuals out there who feel the same way under the present circumstances. Whether you are feeling down or unsettled by the current goings-on, one of these projects is sure to lift your mood and make you feel happier.







Colour psychology, feng shui, or just simply losing yourself in a project, we are facing a very unsettled situation in our lives at the moment. There are many ways to boost your mood, even a few small things that you can do to your home that will help lift you from the doldrums and make you feel a bit more positive in your outlook.



Natural light elevates your mood

It is well known in scientific circles that natural sunlight is a natural boost for those suffering from depression. Natural light helps the body increase the level of endorphins and serotonin, both of which are feel-good chemicals that our bodies need to function daily.

When you wake in the morning, open the curtains and windows (if it's not too cold) and let Mother Nature fill you with sunshine. If you have a relaxing place to sit in your garden, make full use of it to get outdoors and soak up a healthy dose of sunshine. We're not talking about sunburn here, just a 30-minute dose of sunshine in the morning before you head off to work and to get your day started on the right foot.








Colour psychology for an instant boost

Introducing some happy colour into your environment is scientifically proven to increase your good mood. Think a bunch of sunny yellow daffodils or daisies placed on the kitchen countertop to greet you as you brew your morning cup of coffee. Or what about some new cushions for a splash of colour on the sofa or bed. Every room should have a dash of your favourite colour, especially since colour enhances your mood. You could also consider planting a few colourful annuals in the garden in a spot where you can see them from the house.



House plants lift energy levels

Despite there being hundreds of articles out there that claim plants can purify the air in a home, they don't quite do that much, but they do inject freshness into a room. A few houseplants placed in a room have been said to reduce anxiety levels, boost mood and lift energy levels. Whether you believe it or not, there's no denying that a few houseplants can do a lot to lift a room that is lacking in energy.








Turn off your cellphone

Even if you are working from home, give yourself an hour a day without the constant interruptions that a cellphone brings. Just an hour in the evening after a hard day at work, either before or after you have your evening meal, or just before you retire for bed. It could even be an hour where you lock yourself in the bathroom and treat yourself to some 'me time'.

It is a known fact that people suffering from depression have a hard time sleeping, and having a phone close to the bed won't help you to relax. When you go to bed, even if you can't live without your cellphone, turn it down or switch it off.



We are not asking you to make big changes to your lifestyle, simply add or change a few things to give you a brighter outlook and lift your spirit. The happy tips we have listed above won't cost a fortune to implement but will have a valuable effect on your mood. We are all feeling a bit down under the circumstances and perhaps a little sunshine and positive energy in our lives is all we need.