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The Emotional Effects of Debt and How to Get Back On Your Feet

Becoming stressed as a result of debt is not uncommon and is often referred to as debt stress syndrome; it can manifest itself in a number of ways.


Managing money is seen as one of the most important steps towards a happy life. Even though there is this belief that “money cannot buy you happiness”, the lack of it can still be a stressful and emotionally difficult period in your life. This is where the idea of borrowing comes in.

No one wants to stare at a stack of bills and have no means to pay them. Besides, borrowing goes beyond the everyday financial needs. People are borrowing to buy homes, cars, and even invest in business.

Despite this, it is very important to manage your debt very carefully as well. There are plenty of cases where borrowing has enabled people achieve financial freedom. But, there are also equally numerous cases where debt has become a source of emotional turmoil and considerable stress.

Debt Stress Syndrome

Getting stressed or depressed as a result of debt is not uncommon. This condition is often referred to as debt stress syndrome and it can manifest itself in a number of ways. Here are a few signs that may suggest your debt is stressing you out:

• An Obsession over It

Debt is an obligation. When you borrow money and sign the agreement, you are committing to paying a certain amount over a set period of time. This is meant to be a smooth process. But it’s so easy to become obsessed with it. If your mind is always occupied by the next installment, it may be a sign the loan is eating away your mental health.

• Losing Sleep

Losing sleep over debt is probably the clearest sign you are suffering from debt stress syndrome. This simply means that your debt is putting too much pressure on your life and you can’t get it out of your mind.

• Conflict

It is also important to pay attention to how you relate with other people during a time of debt. If you are always running into conflicts, it could be because you are overly stressed by your debt. This conflict may affect people who are close to you and even those who are not.

How to Deal With Debt Stress Syndrome

The easiest way to deal with debt stress syndrome is to make the loan much more bearable and manageable. There is one main reason why most people get stressed by debt. They simply reach a point where they feel they may actually not be able to pay it off. That kind of uncertainty can be emotionally difficult.

The solution could be to get loan refinance. This is the act of borrowing a loan with favorable terms to clear off your “bad debt”. It doesn’t matter whether its credit card debt or any other type of loan, debt refinancing can provide effective relief to debt stress syndrome. After all, if your loan is manageable, you can sleep easier at night, knowing that you have the means to repay it as per your agreement with the lender.