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Benefits Of Ashtanga Yoga

If you are thinking of starting Ashtanga yoga, below are 7 benefits you will get from practicing it.




Ashtanga yoga is one of the most challenging forms of yoga. It requires a long sequence of postures with a vinyasa in between them. The practice of Ashtanga yoga requires a lot of strength and stamina to accomplish, particularly in a warm room filled with other sweaty practitioners!

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced personally or guided by an instructor. Students assemble in the same room to practice under the supervision of a proficient teacher. The learning of the sequence is done by heart while they build their strength.
If you are thinking of starting Ashtanga yoga, below are 7 benefits you will get from practicing it.


1. Improve flexibility

Ashtanga yoga helps to improve the flexibility of your body with time. If you are looking for a way to develop the flexibility of your body ashtanga yoga could be the most efficient way to achieve that. It is very good to listen to your body and practice slowly, after practicing for some time the flexibility of your body increases.


2. Increase strength

We have sixty vinyasas in the Ashtanga yoga primary series ( that’s the movement you do between every pose).  A lot of movements are been carried out to hold your body weight up, such as balancing on one leg which builds a lot of strength in your core and it increases your body strength.


3. Reduce body fat

What happens when you develop your muscle and do cardio? You reduce fat! The best way to reduce a few pounds is by practicing the ashtanga style of yoga. You can practice ashtanga yoga if you want to lose some weight.


4. Increase focus and creativity

Practicing ashtanga could help to increase your creativity and focus. It helps you to feel relax without dwelling on the past or thinking of the future, thereby helping your mind to be (almost) clear.

One fact about life is that the human mind is hardly empty, but practicing ashtanga helps to free the mind.


5. Reduces Stress

Practicing yoga helps to reduce stress, and some other emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, or nervous hyperactivity. Presently a lot of people are using the Ashtanga breathing techniques to relax from the tension of daily routine and activities.


6. Lower blood pressure

While practicing ashtanga yoga we are taught a breathing technique known as Ujjayi. This breathing technique involves a minor contraction of the glottis behind the throat making the sound of an ocean as you breathe in and out. Breathing plays a vital role in a yoga session. Practicing a good breathing system will help your body to efficiently pump blood to the body system.


7. Prevent injuries

While getting older your body easily becomes prone to injuries and performing yoga is a great means to stay fit and agile so you can enjoy a healthy and long life. If you safely perform Ashtanga, the result will be a strong and flexible body that is less prone to any form of injury.

There are other benefits you can get from practicing Ashtanga yoga. Enroll in a class today to begin.