How to keep your cool when the temperature soars

Temperatures are soaring all around the country, and combined with the drought, here are some tips to stay cool, save water and electricity.


It's hard enough to stay cool during our hot summers, but with the heat wave hotting up the country, high temperatures can result in cramps, lethargy and even heat stroke. Here are some tips on staying cool:

My personal favourite is to fill a spray bottle with water and store this in the refrigerator. It's a wonderful way to give yourself a quick refreshing spray at home, or when travelling to and from work. You can also recycle spray bottles for cleaning products.

If you have an air conditioner, think about installing a ceiling or standing fan to keep cool and cut down on your monthly bills. Cool down the room with the aircon for an hour or so and then let a fan circulate cool air.

Wear loose clothing in light colours. Cotton fabrics are cooler than synthetics. And wear a hat when venturing outdoors for an extended period of time.

Regularly apply aqueous cream or moisturiser to your skin to help you feel more hydrated. Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel are known for soothing and refreshing, so add some to your aqueous cream.

If you own a hot water bottle, fill this with cold water and take it to bed with you. Keeping your feet cool will help make you feel cooler as well.





When you relax in the evenings, soak your feet in a bath of cool water - even more refreshing if you have a foot spa.

If the family makes use of a swimming pool to stay cool, try to prevent wasting water by wading into the pool rather than jumping in. That way you will not need to fill the pool as often.

When the heat becomes intolerable, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Put your bottled water in the freezer so that when you grab one it will stay cold for longer. Drink water rather than caffeine and alcohol, as these promote dehydration.

Turn off the geyser during the day. In this heat you will still have warm water for evening showers. And rather than a hot shower before you go to bed, turn down the heat and cool down for the evening.

Don't forget that pets also need protection from the heat as well. Make sure they have a cool place to retreat to and have plenty of fresh drinking water.



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