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Maintaining a Beauty Routine While Spending Long Hours at Work

If you are working long hours at home or at the office, here are some ways to simplify and streamline your beauty routine so you will have no problem maintaining it.





The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many people working remotely and spending more hours working than ever before. Working from home also meant that there was less incentive to maintain beauty routines and wear makeup.

Whether you’re working long hours at home or working in an office, here are some ways to simplify and streamline your beauty routine so you will have no problem maintaining it.


Always cleanse

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important parts of your beauty routine. Dull, dry, lifeless skin can make you feel less than confident about your looks. Make sure you know your skin type and invest in the right cleanser. Using a good quality cleanser removes dead skin cells, makeup, and other contaminants.

A pH-balanced, non-foaming cleanser isn’t harsh on the skin and does not compromise the skin barrier. Many dermatologists agree that you don’t need a toner if you use a pH-balanced cleanser. Clear Skin Regime offers guidance on how to look pretty in an instant, including how to take care of your skin.


Keep to the basics

If you have healthy skin, it saves you time when you have to apply makeup. There’s no need to apply a heavy-duty foundation if your skin looks good.

If you had to do away with most of your products, two important basics to keep would be a vitamin C serum to apply in the morning and a retinol-based night time product. Vitamin C brightens up the skin and helps to build collagen.

Vitamin A, or retinol, lifts away dead skin cells gently while you sleep. Using an overnight skincare product can save you time and active effort in your daily routine.


Use multi-tasking products

Today there are many products you can use for more than one purpose. For example, many foundations include sunscreen. An ingredient like Zinc Oxide is non-irritating and effectively deflects UV rays. You can also find a foundation that’s also a moisturizer and products you can use on your cheeks and your lips.

If you look at the labels of the skincare products you use on a regular basis, you may find that many of them contain the same active ingredients. One product may work just as well as numerous expensive products.


Simplify your eye makeup

Do you line your eyes and then curl your lashes? If you’re doing it in that order, you may be wasting your time. You usually end up taking the liner off when you release the curler.

Unless you’re very good with makeup, rushing and liquid eyeliner don’t mix. Pen eyeliners usually work better when you’re in a hurry. Consider having a lash lift as this will mean you have long lashes without having to apply mascara every day. Skip the smokey eyes for days when you have more time.


Don’t wash and style your hair every day

It’s tempting to want to wash your hair every day, especially in summer when your scalp sweats more than normal. Instead, shampoo just twice a week if you don’t want to strip all the natural oils from your hair.

Styling your hair is a part of your beauty routine that probably takes the longest. If you curl, flat-iron or blow-dry your hair every day, you will damage it. If you styled your hair the day before, refresh it with a dry shampoo or restyle it in a braid or topknot. Think about embracing your natural texture and air drying your hair rather than styling it. It will save you time and your hair will be healthier.