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How to Get Out the Door Faster In the Morning

On some mornings, it may seem like it would require nothing short of a miracle to get you out of the door on time, but with these fashion and beauty tips you might just have one.


On some mornings, it may seem like it would require nothing short of a miracle to get you out of the door on time. With these fashion and beauty tips and organizational short cuts, you might just have one.

1. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

No doubt, you've heard this one before—and there's a reason for that. You won't waste valuable minutes in the morning staring into your closet hoping for fashion inspiration. It's OK if you change your mind in the morning—maybe you're having a day where you feel "fat" and want to opt for your comfy pants instead or there's a freak rainstorm—it's ok. You're not locked into the outfit. Think of it as a starting place. And it's not enough to pick out that outfit, make sure it is cleaned, pressed and devoid of pet hair.

Also, make sure you know what accessories you want to wear, including shoes, pantyhose, watches from, and jewelry. Put them all on the same hanger—this not only makes the morning rush easier, it gives you a chance to look at your outfit as a whole to see if it works. It's always helpful to develop a "uniform" too.

2. Organize Your Handbag

Double check to make sure your lipstick and other cosmetics you'll use during the day for touch ups are in your handbag the night before. Other items that might have mysteriously migrated out of your handbag include money, car keys, work ID's and subway cards.

At least once a week, clean out all the trash you've accumulated like receipts, gum wrappers, etc. Organize all the business cards from contacts that you met, writing on the back where you met them and email anyone you want to stay in touch with.

Planning on hitting the gym at lunch? Make sure you have your gym clothes, including your lock and ponytail holder, in your bag.

3. Charge All Your Gadgets

Don't let a low battery slow you down. Charge your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. the night before. Try not to leave them plugged in overnight, which can shorten battery life.

4. Shower at Night

Styling your hair, especially if it's long, can definitely slow a woman down. Instead, wash and style it every other day and shower in the evening. To make sure your hair looks good in the morning, try placing it in a loose bun at the top (not the sides) of your head to prevent it from getting tangled overnight.

If you need a shower in the morning to wake up, pop on a shower cap to keep your hair from getting wet. Streamline your time and use a moisturizing body wash so you can skip the moisturizer and a razor with built-in shave cream.

5. Figure Out a Breakfast Plan

You need to make time for breakfast, so figure out what works for you, be it a pre-made yogurt smoothie or granola bar you eat in the car or something you pick up on your way to the office to eat at your desk. The important thing is to make sure you eat something.

6. Use Double Duty Products

Make your makeup work harder for you. Instead of layering on the products in the morning, opt for a foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF; a curling mascara so you can skip the eye lash curler and moisturizing lip balm with a tint that adds color while soothing lips.