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7 Aura Cleansing Techniques To Remove Bad Energy From Your Body

Here are a few techniques to help you position your body, mind, and energy to its perfect condition.




Aura is an invisible force field that circles around your body that is synced to our emotions, health, and other circumstances. You should know that most experts think that everything in this world produced some kind of energy. This is why we get a strong vibe when we say “there is something bad about this”. This is our aura kicking in. Little did we know that our auras can get too tired by collecting negative energies from harsh situations like a toxic relationship, family issues, and our everyday experiences.

Your aura can undergo stress and a loss of luminosity. So it is important to cleanse your aura freeing it of harmful vibes. There are other ways to cleanse your aura that include your physical and mental well being, here are some techniques to help you position your body, mind, and energy to its perfect condition.


Make use of the Rain

As you feel the rain on your skin, allow the raindrops to caress your body. The cleansing power of the rain on the earth is considered beneficial for cleansing auras. This will grant nature to pull out any bad energy that was collected over the days and help cleanse your aura. Remember that please do not do this during a thunderstorm. It could be dangerous and that is not the type of energy your body wants to absorb.


Smudging Healing Herbs

Smudging is a widely popular Native American practice. It is the burning of herbs in a traditional way, where the burned herbs release smoke that carries smoke particles that is good for cleansing the aura and putting away negative energy. There are a lot of aura cleansing techniques to use that can include lavender, sweetgrass, sage, or other smudging herbs. You can also try smudging after you’ve had a lot of people in your house or if you feel drained from work. Focus your intention on clearing bad vibes to allow you and your room to have positive energy.


Cleansing Bath

Water has magnificent energy healing powers. You can even simply take a bath or just imagine water flowing over you while cleansing your energy. While taking a bath, allow the water to flow over your whole body, from your head down to your feet. As the waterfalls from the drain, take a deep breath and picture out all your problems, and issues flowing away from your body along with the water. Giving yourself a eucalyptus, sea salt, and lavender baths is also a nice idea to calm your body, mind, and spirit.


Let Positive Energy Come in

It is important for you to be fully aware of your surroundings and the situation around you that makes your energy drained. It is essential for your health to avoid interaction with the situation that stresses your aura to keep it healthy and calm. You also need to bear in mind that as human beings, our auras interact with other human beings and exchange both positive and negative energy. This is the reason why it’s essential to keep your positive vibe close to you. Simply imagine your aura tightly connected to you, impenetrable and indestructible. Your body picks less negative energy to others and makes it less risky to attract harsh forces.


Embrace Natural Resources

Let natural resources like wind and sun help cleanse your aura. The word “aura” comes from a Latin and ancient Greek word that means, breeze. When the air is too strong, try to locate where the wind blows and stand there, fade and feel the wind passing through your body, arms fully stretched. Shut your eyes and let the air around you remove the bad energies and transform it into positive energy and exhilaration. If you are feeling down, spend a lot of time in the sun. Sunshine is good for the aura. It nurtures and feeds your body, making you feel alive and optimistic to face the day. It's like honey to a bee.


Visualize Auras

Go out, go to the park, take the time out to imagine other auras. To nurture and strengthen your own energy, stay seated in a relaxed position so you can imagine auras flowing from other life forms like humans, animals, and even plants allow it to flow in you. Form a white light using your mind and have it embraced you and release bad energy.


Strengthen Your Aura

When you have removed bad energy from your body, you need to stay away from negative energy from coming back. One way you can protect yourself from bad energy is to surround yourself with positive people and less negative on your side. Let people who always smile and have a good heart near you. These people can help you block bad energies.

By cleaning your aura daily, you tend to protect your well being against possible bad energy that can tear you down. Cleansing your aura is simple and yet can make a profound change in one’s life.