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Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

 Let’s take a look at foods that will keep your skin healthy this winter and make it glow.


Winter comes with a lot of cold which is bad for your immune system as well as your skin. Due to the low humidity levels during winter, the skin’s moisture levels are low making your skin dry. Not all creams and lotions can moisturize your skin. Some contain fragrances that not only cause skin irritation but also leave it looking lifeless.

Therefore, you need to focus on your diet to maintain your skin's glow and radiance. Ensure that your diet is highly nutritional and it should contain healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables rich in antioxidants. This will help your skin to maintain a soft and supple look and feel. You can find more skincare tips here but first, let’s take a look at foods that will keep your skin healthy this winter and make it glow.

Green leafy vegetables

You can get skin-nourishing vitamin K and other anti-inflammatory substances from green leafy vegetables. These include spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens. Green vegetables also contain sulfur that can help the skin from flakiness, enabling it to look healthy. Vegetables like broccoli and spinach can be used to prepare salads, sandwiches, and soup that provide your skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs. The iron present in spinach helps reduce paleness from your skin.

Eat plenty of fruits

There are many fruits containing antioxidants that have great benefits to the skin. For example, grapefruits contain lycopene which helps maintain smooth skin. Lycopene is also found in carrots, guava, watermelon, and red pepper. Fruits like avocados contain high levels of vitamin E that help maintain a healthy-looking skin and glowing complexion. Berries which contain powerful antioxidants are also great for reducing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.


Drink a glass of beetroot juice to purify your blood and remove any toxins, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Apart from blending beetroot into juice, you can also apply it directly to your skin.

Eat carrots

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene and lycopene. Vitamin A helps your body produce collagen, responsible for maintaining your skin's elasticity. This reduces an uneven skin tone and the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Healthy fats and sugars

Choose healthy fats from fruits and foods like avocados, nuts, fish and plant oils like flax and hemp. Reduce your sugar intake to prevent premature aging and skin conditions like acne and dry skin.

Incorporate exercise in your daily routine to boost blood circulation. This will get your muscles moving increasing blood flow which will, in turn, give your skin a healthy, natural glow. Take a cup of green tea during winter and stay hydrated at all times. The antioxidants in green tea will protect your skin. You can add a few drops of lemon and honey.

Also, ensure that you get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation fastens the aging process and increases the appearance of signs of aging like dark circles. If you must use any skincare products, buy products with ingredients that are gentle on your skin. This is because your skin tends to absorb a high percentage of these products we apply.