Restore brass window hardware

If you own a Dremel Multitool you already know it has plenty of uses, and we used our Dremel Multitool to restore brass window hardware.


Shou Sugi Ban to make a pine platter

Use the Japanese method of burning wood to make a Shou Sugi Ban platter. 

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Top 3 Tiling Tips

Having to recently re-tile a bedroom we discovered a few handy tiling tips we would like to share.


Now there is one tool that replaces both an angle grinder and a circular saw... The Dremel DSM20.

Wish upon a star!

Versatile and affordable, the Dremel 3000 MultiTool will be available in a range of kit options - just in time for the Festive Season.

Bosch and Dremel Multifunction tools

Whether you choose Bosch or Dremel, multifunction tools offer a variety of functions from cutting, sanding and scraping - all in one tool.

So many reasons to buy a Dremel MultiTool

If you haven't yet invested in a Dremel MultiTool, we put together a list of reasons why this affordable tool is a valuable addition to your power tool collection.

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Working with wood pallets

When working with reclaimed timber pallets you have to not only inspect and select the right pallets, you have to exercise caution when breaking these down. Here are some tips to keep you safe and make the job easier.

Versatile Dremel Workstation

The Dremel Workstation adds a new dimension to using a Dremel MultiTool and allows you the flexibility to tackle even more crafts and hobbies.

New EZ wrap tool case for Dremel MultiTool

Eliminate the stress that comes with having to unpack a messy tool case to find the correct rotary tool and accessories with Dremel’s EZ Wrap tool case – which makes the perfect back to work gift for those undertaking home projects in 2016.

Dremel tools on special for the festive season

Now is the perfect time to buy that Dremel tool you have always wanted. Builders Warehouse have plenty of special offers on Dremel tools.

Dremel DIY kits to make projects a breeze

Dremel has a set of three of MultiTool kits that include a Dremel 3000 rotary tool with an innovative EZ nose cap. Each set is designed to satisfy a wide range of needs with their attractive features and great price.

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Dremel accessories that are handy to have

When you buy a Dremel MultiTool you have a wide selection of Dremel accessories to choose from. Here's a quick guide to choosing accessories for your Dremel MultiTool.

Restore solar jar with Dremel MultiTool and accessories

I keep my Consol solar jars outside so that they are always fully charged when I need them. But the weather has taken its toll on them, so I used my Dremel MultiTool and a few accessories to restore them.

Choosing the MultiTool that's best for your projects

Dremel have an impressive range of MultiTools, so many, in fact, that choosing the one that's right for you can be complicated.

Dremel accessories offer even more control

DIY and hobby enthusiasts can now undertake projects with more precision with Dremel’s comprehensive range of multitool attachments. Ideal for use in numerous applications, from metal polishing to wooden frame engraving.

Clean and sharpen your garden tools

With summer just around the corner it's time to get out those dull and rusty garden tools and restore them to good condition ready for use in the garden.

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DIY Divas Dremel tools workshop

This weekend I hosted yet another DIY Divas Dremel Workshop and it was quite nice that some of those attending brought along their own Dremel tools to find out how to use them for various projects.

Recycle old CD's into a shimmering backsplash

If you still have some old CDs lying around, here's a unique way to use these to create a shimmering bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

Using Dremel Micro to engrave glass Mother's Day gift

Coming up with ideas for Mother's Day is a good excuse to take out my Dremel Micro to engrave on glass and turn a recycled glass food jar into a gift filled with home-baked cookies.

A coffee can becomes a feather wind chime using the Dremel Micro

Dremel asked me to come up with a project idea for Mother's Day using the Dremel Micro Multitool. This wind chime has delicate feathers cut from an old aluminium coffee can using the Dremel Micro Multitool and accessories included as part of the complete kit.

Turn a Dremel multitool into mini router

If you already own a Dremel Multitool you will already know how versatile this little tool can be. But did you also know that simply by adding a Dremel Plunge Router Attachment your multitool turns into a mini router that is perfect for small projects.

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Upcycle old pot into organic waste bin

Here's an easy way to keep your kitchen countertops clean by recycling an old saucepan or pot into a organic waste bin.

Decorative carved eggs with Dremel

Make these detailed eggs for yourself or give them as a gift. Easy to make if you have a Dremel Multitool. Decoupage any image onto the eggs once you are finished to fit any occasion.

DIY laptop stand or laptop lap tray

This laptop stand or lap tray is perfect for anyone who finds themselves working in a situation where a table or desk isn't available. I made this laptop stand for my son, who is presently doing studies and either sits on his bed or couch.

Yoghurt cup drawer divider or organiser

Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft and hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers. All you need is a tray of yoghurt cups, a glue gun and a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to make nifty organisers that you can use for storage.

Make your own cookie cutters

It can be frustrating when catering for a special event or party and not being able to find nice cookie cutters. During December I made a variety of Christmas cookies - and couldn't find any nice cookie cutters and ended up making my own shapes.

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Dremel makes plumbing repairs easy

With Dremel tools you can complete plumbing work in the bathroom and kitchen with ease. From cutting plumbing pipes to working in hard to reach spaces.

Dremel Project Kits

Dremel have introduced two kits: a Home Repair Kit and Home Décor Project Kit, both of which allow users to complete a variety of projects.

Wood house number plaque

With all the DIY renovations, one involves moving the front gate. I was left with a blank wall close to the back gate and thought it might be the perfect place to mount a custom house number plaque.

DIY decorative tree towel hanger

If you need extra storage in a small bathroom, this towel tree is perfect for hanging towels and the branches can be folded flat when not in use. Everyone in the family can have their own branch!

Cut out and replace damaged windowsill

When wood rot attacks a wooden windowsill, you need to fix this as quickly as possible unless you want to replace the entire window frame. Cutting out and replacing damaged wood is easy if you use a Dremel cutting tool.

How to remove stripped screws

I recently posted a feature on how to dress up a plain hollow-core door. In the feature I didn't include the fact that the screws in the door were completely stripped and impossible to remove. So for anyone who encounters this problem, here's how to remove stripped screws...

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Add decorative detail with the Dremel Trio

Here in SA we aren't lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide selection of moulding and trim, and especially embellishments or onlays for decorating furniture. To overcome this lack of local supply, I use my Dremel Trio to make custom trim, mouldings and onlays.

How to make your own beadboard

When looking to make your own cottage, country or shabby chic furniture and accessories, you are going to need some beadboard. But here in SA, finding beadboard is like hunting for lost treasure. If you own a Dremel Trio, making your own beadboard is quick and easy...

All I want for Christmas is Dremel...!

Dremel has some fantastic power tools in its range, and continues to add even more exciting tools. If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves crafty DIY, then Dremel will have a tool that is perfect.

Dremel Moto-Saw

I have a scroll saw in my workshop but find it a mission to get out and set up. It's bulky, noisy and more trouble than it's worth. This nifty little tool, on the other hand, looks quick and easy to set up and I can use it anywhere.

DIY wine rack with Dremel Trio

If you enjoy entertaining in your kitchen and dining space, you’ll probably want to offer your guests a nice glass of wine. Create our hanging wine rack and you’ll be the envy of your friends.

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New router bits for Dremel Trio

The special carbide bits are specially engineered to work with the Dremel TRIO and are supplied as a kit that includes a beading, a rabbet, a flush trim, a cove and a V-groove bit.

Using the new Dremel Saw-Max

The DIY Divas just received a Dremel Saw Max to try out. I am busy making a Dog Kennel for the Easy DIY magazine and thought this would be a great opportunity to put the Dremel Saw Max to use, to see exactly what it can do.

The new Dremel Saw-Max

It's time to toss aside the angle grinder and put the circular saw back on the shelf. The Dremel Saw-Max reinvents cutting as you know it. Powerful enough to cut through virtually any material and simple enough to be able to control with one hand.

How to add cool lights to a PC case or tower

Here’s how to cut an acrylic window into the side of your computer case so that you can see all of its inner workings.

Make your own decorative handles

A recent photo shoot called for a console table that had butterfly-design handles, and I originally said that wasn't possible. However, having decided to make my own handles - why not make a butterfly design?

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How to cut blinds to fit a window

Time to put up aluminium blinds but the standard size doesn't fit. So what to do? This is where owning a Dremel MultiTool really comes in useful!

DIY hanging wine rack

Create our hanging wine rack and you’ll be the envy of your friends. All you have to do is to simply check out the items listed below and then follow our instructions. It’s sure to bring out the great cook and effortless host in you!

The Dremel Trio replaces a cumbersome router

Cut wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, wall tile and more with one tool. The unique 360-degree cutting technology and plunge-cut ability allows users to make quick and controlled cuts.

Carving wood

If you own a Dremel Rotary Tool, you can easily transform a plain piece into something unique. In this feature I'm not going to show you how to make the cabinet, but rather how easy it is to use a Dremel MultiTool for carving.

Wood decorations

If you own a Dremel MultiTool, you can easily craft your own decorations using nothing more than branches cut from your own garden.

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Dremel MultiMax a multi-purpose tool

With the new Multi-Max, Dremel brings a superior consumer experience to the cordless oscillating tool category. The ideal tool to repair, remodel and or restore.

Wall terrarium

These vertical terrariums make great gifts - or keep them for your home - they are extremely easy to maintain. Who wouldn’t want to bring a little bit of the outdoors to their home or office?

Dremel engraved jug

With a love of wild animals, and particularly the Zebra, I decided to engrave this very cheap glass jug using my Dremel Engraver.

Contemporary light bar

Crystals hanging from an aluminium pole are all you need to create a glamorous, and sexy feel to your kitchen or dining table. Lighting is provided by battery-operated LED lights.

Potted cutlery holder

Small clay or plastic flower pots are perfect for dressing up a garden table for a party or when entertaining. Add some thick string or jute, and a few silk flowers, and there you have it!

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Recycle old LP's

I saw this idea on the Internet some time ago and thought that it was a great way to recycle all my old LP's stacked in huge piles at the bottom of a cupboard.

Welcome sign

By request, this week I'm going to show you how easy it is to use a Dremel Trio for carving a welcome sign. You don't have to use a Dremel Trio for this project, you can use any Dremel MultiTool and an engraving cutter for this project.

Make a wind chime

Use your Dremel Multitool to craft this delicate wind chime with recycled tin cans.

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Decorative photo frame

Use your Dremel Glue Gun to create decorative photo frames for a home - or for gifts.

Make flowers from plastic bottles

Use empty plastic bottles to create a wonderful display of flowers.

How to engrave on glass

Use a Dremel Multitool or Engraver to create hand crafted gifts.

Recycle newspaper

You can make these adorable flowers with newspaper and buttons.

Recycled materials make a bracelet

Search your tool box or kitchen draw and turn safety pins, washers, copper wire – even small coins into amazing pieces of jewellery.

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Paper lanterns with style

Paper chinese shades can be bought at Chinese shops around the country at very affordable prices. A bit plain, you can easily add a touch of pizzazz with a few easily available accessories.

Carve a frame with your Dremel Multitool

Buy cheap frames and carve them with a Dremel Multitool for your own unique decor.

Decorative wall plaques

Use a Dremel Multitool to craft and carve your own unique artwork.

Faux fur chair

Upholster a chair with faux fur and create an instant statement piece for a home.

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