Plumbing made easy with Dremel tools

With Dremel tools you can complete plumbing work in the bathroom and kitchen with ease. From cutting plumbing pipes to working in hard to reach spaces.


Bathroom renovations can be difficult, especially if you need to shorten existing pipes and work in confined spaces. Dremel have a range of tools that make plumbing work in bathroom and kitchens easier. Whether it's installing water pipes, waste pipes or bathroom ventilation, investing in a couple of Dremel tools will ensure these tasks can be completed with ease. Now any DIY enthusiast can prepare and install piping in a bathroom or kitchen with very little effort.

For cutting all types of pipes in tight corners and hard-to-reach places, the Dremel 4200 multi-tool allows you to cut pipes without damaging surrounding components. The Dremel 4200 is the first multi-tool to feature EZ Change, allowing easy and quick changing of accessories.

This powerful tool requires only slight pressure for clean cuts due to the high rotation count, making it the ideal tool for accurate cuts.

When needing to shorter pipes with a larger diameter, the Dremel 4200 is ideal. Pipes can be pipe fixed to a workbench using tensioning straps, allowing the pipe to be turned for a clean cut all around. To join the pipe with another component the sharp edges can easily be smoothed using the same tool. Accessory grinding stones enable the user to straighten and deburr the cut edges. Once the pipe is prepared soldering is a quick and simple procedure.

For best results when soldering the copper pipe, or bending PVC pipe, it is recommended to use the Dremel VersaFlame with the stationary attachment.


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