Dremel DSM20 replaces angle grinder and circular saw

When it comes to DIY tasks around the home there are two tools I dislike using: an angle grinder and circular saw. The Dremel DSM20 replaces both these tools.


As a female DIY enthusiast, I can honestly say that there are two tools I use as little as possible. An angle grinder is one of those tools; despite all the safety measures this is still one of the most dangerous tools to use, and I try to avoid using this tool as much as possible. The other power tool is a circular saw. It's not that this tool is dangerous - if used correctly, I just find it a mission to get it out of the box and set it up. It's heavy and cumbersome and I would rather get all my sheets of board cut to size.



Now there is one tool that replaces both an angle grinder and a circular saw... The Dremel DSM20.



Use the Dremel DSM20 to cut mild steel and aluminium





With a Dremel DSM20 you can cut a variety of steel and aluminium products. The line of sight allows for accurate cutting of sheet metals or steel mesh and the 710W motor is powerful enough to handle tough applications.





Use the Dremel DSM20 to cut tiles - ceramic or natural stone





The Dremel DMS20 is supplied with a selection of cutting blades for tile, brick and wood. The compact size makes it portable and easy to use for all your tiling projects - plus you can easily cut curves and use the DSM20 to plunge cut for cut outs inside tiles.





Use the Dremel DSM20 as a replacement for a circular saw





It's small and lightweight, but the motor is powerful enough to cut through sheets or board, plywood or pine with ease. There's no complicated process for setting it up; simply clamp down a straight edge and cut.





If you like using reclaimed wood, you'll not that this is something you can't have cut to size. You can cut with a jigsaw, but using a Dremel DSM20 allows you to cut straight along the width or length - without fuss.





When working with timber pallets the Dremel DSM20 makes it easy to take pallets apart and salvage the timber without having to go through the hassle of dismantling pallets.