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Clay pot cutlery holders

Small clay or plastic flower pots are perfect for dressing up a garden table for a party or when entertaining. Add some thick string or jute, and a few silk flowers, and there you have it!

You will need:

Clay or plastic flower pots
Silk flowers
Sharp scissors
Thick string or jute
Dremel Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Here's how:

Before you start to wrap the string or jute around the pots, spray them in a nice colour - one that matches the silk flowers - with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

1. Wrap and glue
Use a Dremel Hot Glue Gun to glue down the starting point for your string or jute. We prefer to use a Dremel Hot Glue Gun because it has variable temperature setting, which allows you to set for Hot or Warm and controls the speed at which the glue comes out - great if you don't want big globs of glue everywhere!

2. Glue and secure
When you reach the bottom of the pot, secure the end of the rope with another dollop of glue. Be sure your rope doesn’t extend past the bottom of the pot or it could make the base wobbly.

3. Make pretty
Cut the stems off the silk flowers and leave just enough to be able to glue them onto the front of the pot. Now set them on your table and fill with utensils.


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