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DIY Divas Dremel tools workshop

This weekend I hosted yet another DIY Divas Dremel Workshop and it was quite nice that some of those attending brought along their own Dremel tools to find out how to use them for various projects.


Dremel have an amazing range of tools; from entry-level Multitools to top-range Multitools. Julia's hubby recently bought her a Dremel 4200 Multitool, which is a newer model Multitool that features EZ-click technology for changing accessories. Julia and a couple of others attending the DIY Divas workshop, brought along their Dremel tools to find out how to use their new tools to their full potential and they also got to do a few projects to try out both their tools and different techniques.

The Dremel Multitool range starts out at around R550 for  the Dremel 200 Series, which is an extremely affordable way to start off doing a few Dremel projects. For the more serious Dremel enthusiast the Dremel 4000 range won't let you down.


Also included as part of the Dremel workshop is to use a variety of other tools in the Dremel range. Two of the most popular and fun tools to use are the Dremel VersaTip and Dremel VersaFlame.

At the DIY Divas Dremel workshop everyone got to use a variety of tools to engrave on glass and to make a trinket box.


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