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DIY Tip - How to remove stripped screws

I recently posted a feature on how to dress up a plain hollow-core door. In the feature I didn't include the fact that the screws in the door were completely stripped and impossible to remove. So for anyone who encounters this problem, here's how to remove stripped screws...


When you are trying to remove a screw but the screwdriver bit just spins round and round and doesn't loosen the screw, you can try this quick fix to remove stripped screws.

Use a Dremel MultiTool (rotary tool) and a cutting disk to cut a slot in the top of the stripped screw/s.





Once you have cut a small slot in the screw head it's easy to use a flathead screwdriver to remove the stripped screw/s.

Find the full range of Dremel Tools, attachments and accessories at your local Builders Warehouse.


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