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Dremel DIY kits to make projects a breeze

Dremel has a set of three of MultiTool kits that include a Dremel 3000 rotary tool with an innovative EZ nose cap. Each set is designed to satisfy a wide range of needs with their attractive features and great price.


At the top of the range, the Dremel Gold Medal Kit boasts 48 percent added value to the consumer and features five attachments and 70 high-quality Dremel accessories. The Dremel Gold Medal kit includes the EZ SpeedClic for quick and keyless accessory changes, the Detailer’s Grip for improved handling, the Multipurpose Cutting Kit and the Flexible Shaft. The kit also includes a Comfort Guard and the Line and Circle Cutter.

The Comfort Guard protects the multitool from dust, dirt and splinters, as well as ensuring a clean working space when in use. The Line and Circle Cutter comes with accessory cutters for cutting perfect circles in a variety of materials and has a maximum cutting diameter is 30 centimetres.

The Dremel Gold Medal Kit also comes in a high-quality aluminium case, and offers excellent value for money, making it the perfect gift for craft and DIY enthusiasts.

The Dremel Silver Medal Kit comes complete with three complimentary attachments; the Shaping Platform, the Flexible Shaft and the Multipurpose Cutting Kit. The Cutting Kit makes it possible to cut different materials to a depth of 19 mm. The Flexible Shaft is perfect when working in hard-to-reach places, and ensures high precision work when cutting, grinding or polishing. The Shaping Platform grinds and sands perfectly at 90 and 45 degree angles.

Supplied in a practical carrying case, the Silver kit also includes 55 high-quality Dremel accessories, including the EZ SpeedClic for quick and keyless accessory changes, turning the Dremel 3000 into an all-rounder. This kit offers 40 percent more added value fo, consumers.

The Dremel Bronze Medal Kit contains the popular Dremel 3000, one attachment and five high-quality accessories. The bronze kit adds 20 percent more value to a purchase. The bronze set features the Dremel Shaping Platform, for grinding and sanding perfectly at 90 and 45 degree angles when working on materials such as wood. It also cuts metal perfectly to size with its sharp cutting wheels.

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