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Engraved wine or champagne glasses

Always perfect as a gift, engraved wine or champagne glasses are easy to do if you own a Dremel Engraver.



Wine or champagne glasses
Dremel Engraver
Paper and pencil
Masking tape






1. Draw a design onto a piece of paper using a pencil. Add an initial in the centre. The Internet is a good source of border and letter designs if you do not feel confident about drawing free hand. Using small pieces of masking tape, stick the design inside the glass, pressing it down so that the surface of the paper is in contact with the glass.

2. Lay the glass onto soft fabric to cushion it slightly. Holding the glass in one hand, start to go over the design using the Engraver to transfer the design onto the glass. Work slowly and methodically so that no areas are missed. Start to use the Engraver on its lowest setting and turn it up gradually to find the ideal speed for the glass that you are using. Turn the speed up rather than press down harder with the tool.

3. Remove the paper from inside the glass. Continue to engrave the glass, filling in the solid areas carefully with the Engraver. Go over any areas that may need it to define them clearly. Wipe the glass with a damp cloth as you go, if necessary, to remove the dust.


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