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Christmas star!

The Dremel 3000 MultiTool is now available in a range of kits from 3- to 5-star. Choose the kit that best suits your needs.


Versatile and affordable, the Dremel 3000 MultiTool will be available in a range of kit options - just in time for the Festive Season. Now, you can select the Dremel 3000 MultiTool kit that best suits your need, whether it's carving or engraving, routing or sanding.

***3 Star

This kit contains the Dremel 3000 MultiTool with a Dremel EZ Wrap tool holder (for easy storage and wrapping of the tool cord) and five high-quality genuine Dremel accessories, which allow the user to tackle a range of applications.

****4 Star

The 4 Star kit contains the Dremel 3000 MultiTool, three Dremel attachments, 55 high-quality genuine Dremel accessories (including EZ SpeedClic), and a Dremel-designed lightweight toolbox. Featured attachments are a line and circle cutter for perfect holes and straight cuts, a multi-purpose cutting kit for controlled cutting in a variety of materials, and a flexible shaft for detailed precision work in hard-to-reach areas.

*****5 Star

Treat yourself to a 5 Star Kit that includes the Dremel 3000 MultiTool, five Dremel attachments, 75 high-quality genuine Dremel accessories, and a sturdy Dremel aluminium toolbox. EZ SpeedClic is one of these accessories, which allows the user to tackle a range of applications quickly and effectively. Featured attachments are a detailer’s grip for increased control, a shaping platform for sanding and grinding at 45° and 90°, and a flexible shaft.

The new Dremel 3000 kits will be on sale countrywide this December, or pop into your local Builders Warehouse to check out this and other Dremel tools.


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