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Versatile Dremel Workstation

The Dremel Workstation adds a new dimension to using a Dremel MultiTool and allows you the flexibility to tackle even more crafts and hobbies.


Priced at just under R600, the Dremel Workstation gives you the flexibility to tackle detailed crafts and hobbies or special projects without the need to invest in a variety of separate tools and attachments.

Easy to use, the workstation has a durable construction and is fitted with clips to keep messy cords out of  the way while you work. Metric markings on the base allow for precise measurements and ensure that your adjustments are consistent.

The sturdy design lets you perform at low or high speeds for jobs like drilling holes in metal to make earrings and bracelets, or sanding even the most detailed pieces of an architectural model.





With the Dremel Workstation you can tilt the workstation in 15-degree increments from 15 to 90 degrees horizontal, so that you can adjust the angle for intricate work. When grinding, polishing or sanding, the Dremel Workstation tool holder prevents slippage by keeping tools perfectly aligned. The telescoping shaft lets you adjust to any height.

Easily turn any Dremel rotary tool into a drill press. The workstation accepts several Dremel MultiTools to drill perpendicular and angled holes. Depth markings with depth stop provide consistent depth adjustment, while the sturdy metal base with four clamping points holds work pieces securely in place.

The Dremel Workstation excludes the MultiTool, but is compatible with all standard models, allowing you to attach and remove accessories quickly to polish, grind, drill holes, or sand.