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Restore solar jar with Dremel MultiTool and accessories

I keep my Consol solar jars outside so that they are always fully charged when I need them. But the weather has taken its toll on them, so I used my Dremel MultiTool and a few accessories to restore them.


These Consol solar jars don't come cheap, so keeping them clean and free from rust will extend the lifespan. The tops are dirty and the lids are full of rust, so I used a Dremel MultiTool and a some cleaning and polishing accessories to restore the jars to good condition.


Dremel MultiTool

Polishing wheel #429

Stainless steel brushes #530 and #531

Abrasive Buff #512S

Dishwashing liquid


Your local Builders store stocks a wide selection of Dremel tools and accessories






1. To clean the top solar panel I dipped the polishing wheel in a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water and set the Dremel MultiTool on slow to clean away all the built-up grime. Repeat as often as necessary and then wipe dry. 

2. To remove rust from the metal lid I used a #530 and #531 stainless steel brush.

3. This was followed with an abrasive buff to give the finish a shiny luster.


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