7 Common Signs of a Bad Foundation

Here are 7 common signs of a bad foundation that you must be aware of.




Maintain roof in good condition

Your roof is an integral part of the structure of a home and requires regular, ongoing maintenance.



Homeowners urged to steer clear of unregistered contractors

The Institute for Timber Construction urges homeowners to do due diligence when embarking on construction or renovation projects.



How to make extra cash from your home renovation

We all know that home improvements and renovations can be expensive, but did you know that you can also make a bit of extra cash when taking on a renovation?



One home improvement you should consider

There is a single improvement that you can add to your home that will definitely give a return on your investment.



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Maintaining your roof: The importance of inspections

Although the importance of a roof structure as a component of a building and its functioning cannot be overstated, it is possibly one of the most neglected parts of a building.



Viable Options To Finance Your Home Renovations

What viable options can you pursue to fund your home renovations?



Cracks between Old and New Walls

I received an enquiry from a reader concerned about a crack from floor to ceiling between and old and new wall, especially since the crack was so wide you could see right through.



Ins and Outs of Extending a Home

A home extension or addition is a useful way to add floor space and value to your home.



Renovation Rules in South Africa

Tackling your own home renovations can save you a bundle if you take the do-it-yourself route, but you need to be aware of what you can and can’t do to your property and buildings before you even consider such a big step.


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How to make and install French doors

I'm busy researching to install a pair of French doors in my home workshop where we host our DIY Divas workshops and decided to share details on how to make and install your own French doors.


Turn your garage into a pub

Here's a novel way to make use of an unused garage - turn it into your very own pub, complete with all the detailing of an old village establishment!



Planning home improvements

If you are in the market to buy a fixer-upper to transform into your dream home, or are ready to make improvement to your existing house, here are some tips that will help you plan your renovation project.


Is it better to renovate or sell?

When you love the location of your home and the neighbourhood but it doesn't meet the needs of a growing family, do you stay and renovate or sell up and move on?



Before you extend your home...

Here are 12 helpful tips that you need to keep in mind when planning a home addition or extension.



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How to add or 'tie in' brick additions

While there are a few reasons why newly added walls would crack, especially where a new wall is joined to an old wall, the main reason is due to lack of proper foundations or the walls not being joined together properly.


Move Out or Add On?

With a growing family, there comes a time when a home might become a bit of a squeeze and you need to decide whether to buy a bigger house, or extend the one you live in.



Timber Roof Trusses and Fire Regulations

As with every aspect of building, timber roof trusses must be manufactured and erected in line with the National Building Regulations and SANS 10400, which provide for fire safety.


Bedroom in the attic

Using the space in an attic for an extra bedroom and bathroom is the sensible option if you have limited grounds to extend out.


Is your roof waterproof?

As we experience climate change and unpredictable weather, making sure your roof is waterproof is a priority.



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Compliant timber roof truss construction essential for sound roof structure

Poorly constructed roofs have become a real concern in residential South Africa. The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) offers insight into legislation governing this aspect of a building as well as guidelines for a correctly built, sound timber roof structure.


Streamlining the complex residential roof

Every so often, a complex residential roof - of average scale and with relatively small truss spans - arrives for design. While it may not necessarily be of grand scale, even relatively small yet complex projects can cause frustrations.


Fill the gap with Sika Boom

Use Sika Boom for fixing, insulating and various filling projects in and around the home.



The importance of roof maintenance

Although the importance of a roof structure as a component of a building and its functioning cannot be overstated, it is possibly one of the most neglected parts of a building



Don't overcapitalise on home improvements

Before you get swept away with big ideas that you think will double the price of your home, or renovations to make it the perfect living space, there are a few realities to take into account when improving a home.


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DIY fixes in and around the home

With a little advice from trained professionals you can find out exactly what improvements will bring you the highest returns for the lowest expenditure, and that’s exactly what Hippo.co.za decided to look into.


Attic or loft conversion

Hard to believe that this spacious living space was just an attic space. The attic conversion added to an average 4-bedroom home and garage.



Ideas for a garage conversion

If you are looking for ways to add more living space to a home floor plan and have a garage (single or double) that isn't being used, perhaps you should consider utilising this valuable space in other ways with a garage conversion.


How difficult is DIY plastering?

Since winter (or dry season) is the best time to tackle plastering projects there are obviously quite a few homeowners getting stuck in. If you want advice on how to plaster or find out whether plastering is easy or difficult, read on...


Prevent cracks between old and new brick walls

While there are a few reasons why newly added walls would crack, especially where a new wall is joined to an old wall, the main reason is due to lack of proper foundations or the walls not being joined together properly.


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Basic bricklaying skills

With DIY on the increase, more and more homeowners are looking to acquire basic skills for quick and easy DIY projects. One skill set that saves you thousands of rands is learning a few basic bricklaying skills.


Kwikblox shuttered concrete construction

If you are looking to build a new home from scratch, consider the option for using shuttered concrete for the structure. Shuttered concrete is 40% cheaper than conventional construction yet offers the highest thermal and acoustic properties available.


How to install corrugated sheet metal roof

Corrugated sheet metal is an inexpensive and lightweight material that can be used for roofing, cladding or a range of decorative applications.



Flooring options for patio or outdoor dining

Choosing the right floor for your patio or entertainment area can be as difficult as selecting the right flooring for your home interior. With any flooring choice their are pros and cons as to durability, maintenance, appearance and safety.


Restore or add architectural detailing

I must admit to falling in love with moulding and trim, even though it's not as popular here in South Africa as it is in other countries. There is something elegant and dignified about a home that is fitted with trim.


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Installing wooden windows and frames

Windows are an important element in how a home looks. From a design point of view window styles are suited to particular styles of homes.



Clad concrete or steel staircase

When you live in a double-storey home, or are adding an extra level onto you existing property, you're going to need a staircase.



Staircases with style and flair

When your home is a double-storey or more, a staircase is a main element. It might be tucked away in a corner, but at the end of the day any staircase takes up a lot of space and grabs a lot of attention.


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Boring staircase becomes a "wow" feature

If I hadn't seen these pics for myself, I never would have believed that this was the same staircase. A fairly standard staircase is transformed into a dramatic feature in the entrance hall of this home.


Roofing options for DIY home renovation

An extension or add-on will require some kind of roof, and a framed timber roof - or roof truss - is the most affordable way to go.



Improving an RDP house

RDP housing might be an answer to the housing shortage but they only provide a basic structure with no added details and very little in the way of elements that make a house a home, and not even as much as that in some cases.


Transform your garage into living space

As we move into secure complexes and boomed areas, garages are being used for more than just parking cars. A single or double garage accounts for a large percentage of the total floor space in on a property, so it makes sense to take advantage of an empty garage and transform it into extra living space.


How to mix cement

There are various ways to mix concrete and each is used for a specific job. Here is an easy guide to the various mixes and their uses:



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Fixing and repairing cracks in concrete

Cracks in concrete happen all the time as a result of shrinkage or movement. As concrete cures and dries out it has a tendency to shrink, and that's why it is important to lightly spray concrete with water during the curing or drying process.


Pros and cons of a thatched roof

There are pros and cons to having a thatched roof and it helps to know what to expect if you are considering having a thatched roof on a house.



Clean up building rubble or garden waste fast

After any home improvement project - small or large - you are invariably going to be left with a pile or heaps of rubble or waste that needs to be removed.



Guide to building brick walls

Whether you want to build a small wall at the end of your patio or a 1.8 metre wall around your house you'll need to learn the ancient art of bricklaying. Building a wall is a tricky job, and it'll take you all day, but here we show you how it's done.


How to lay foundations

Laying foundations is just one of the many jobs you will need to do if you are adding on, extending or building a new project. Laying foundations is probably the most important part of any building project, because if you get this part wrong, the entire project is a fail.


Consider a garage conversion

In many homes the garage takes up a fair amount of valuable real estate on a property. When used for parking cars a garage is obviously in need, but when stacked to the roof with junk that should have been given away or tossed out, it's an investment going to waste.


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Renovations that pay you back

While home improvement projects can really add to the appeal and practicality of a home, some will add more value onto the bottom line than others.



Remove interior walls

Knocking down a wall – any wall – is not a job to rush into without detailed preparation and expert advice if the work is to be completed both safely and effectively.



Build with reclaimed materials

With the ever increasing cost of construction materials, the wise DIY builder should whenever appropriate, try and purchase them second-hand. In fact, a surprising variety of materials can be obtained without ever entering a builder’s merchant, hardware or DIY shop.


Home design set in concrete

Fu-Tung Cheng's work has become internationally known for its sophisticated, understated design and innovative use of concrete throughout the home.



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From garage to garden room

This couple cornered off a long driveway to create their very own 'secret' room and relaxation zone.



Safely remove and dispose of asbestos

Lurking in many buildings, its safe removal and disposal is a must. But how do you spot it, and what do you do with it once it's found?



Plan carefully before you renovate

Renovation is a ‘dirty’ word, not only for the dust and mess, but also as a cause of serious stress. Indeed, additions and alterations have been known to reduce grown men to tears and strong women to helpless rage.


Plan renovations and improvements

Renovation is no mean feat, you'll have to make numerous decisions and if you want to make the right choices. Setting yourself clear goals and deadlines will help you out enormously in the decision-making process.


10 home improvement tips

With the housing market in its current state, the sensible householder's mantra should be 'don't move: improve'.



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Building regulations

Before you start planning for home improvements in the form of alterations and additions to your existing home, there are some facts that you need to know.



Think before you build

If you are planning any home improvements, additions or renovations be aware of the fact that all building plans have to be submitted to the relevant Local Authority for approval. If you fail to do this you could end up tearing down, ripping up and demolishing any work you do.


When times are tough...

...The tough do it themselves. And times are definitely tough at the moment. With property values in the doldrums, many homeowners are sitting tight and taking the option to improve rather than move.


Home renovation tips

Whilst doing-it-yourself will save you a lot of money, you will need to know a fair amount of basics before you can consider tackling major home renovation.



DIY home renovations

With the proper materials, the right tools and some DIY savvy any homeowner can save thousands of rands by tackling a home renovation project, but care must be taken to do a professional job.


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Staircase ideas

When living in a double-storey townhouse or apartment, standard staircases fitted off-plan are usually as basic as they get. But you don't have to live with standard fitted options when there are so many ways to dress up a staircase.


Organise a garage

If your garage is overflowing or packed to the brim with stuff, perhaps it's time to look at various storage options to get the space organised.



Extend a home without adding on

You may not have the time or patience to throw yourself into an extension project at the moment, but there are clever ways you can trick the eye and give yourself a sense of more space more immediately.


From shack to guest house

Originally a bathroom and shower, the Chelin family transformed the space into a small kitchenette over a period of six months, working every Sunday.



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Unused bathroom becomes kitchenette

Using her basic knowledge of building and construction and unskilled labour, Annemarie transformed a dilapidated shack into an amazing guest house for when family and friends stay over.


Tin shack to modern home

Over the past two years Khensile has lived through the mess and hard work of building a home from the ground up. It's still a work in progress but already the new home starts to take shape.


Project: Staircase renovation

I completely stripped this staircase, which was in a bad state of repair, and sanded the stairs down to the bare wood (all by hand and a small orbital sander).  



Home Renovations: Never Easier with These 6 Tips

This article will focus on simplifying every bit of renovation and provide you with facts and tips that will make the work perfect.



Guide To The Best Roofing Contractors

There are simple questions for owners to ask themselves before considering calling a professional to work on their roof. One is if the roof is leaking. However, when choosing roofing contractors, they must consider tougher questions since that area should be taken seriously.


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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Forever Home

Your home is more than just a place to rest your head at night. It is the very center of your life and where the majority of important decisions and memories will be made, making it vital that you find somewhere to live that you love.


Difference Between RFI and RFP

RFI - Request for Information and RFP - Request for Proposal are two of the important, and time-consuming things that need to be done before any actual construction can take place.



The Danger of Not Hiring Flood Water Damage Restoration Services ASAP

Here are some of the dangers that you face when you delay hiring a flood water damage restoration service.


Why you should have an inspection before Purchase

Regardless of the size, type, and location of a home, you should never ignore the benefit of doing a property check.



Disaster-Resistant Home Designing - Safety First

Disaster-resistant homes designing means that you design the homes in a way that you are better prepared to avoid damage, suffering and death casualties.



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6 Essential Steps to Building Your Home the Right Way

Building your home from the ground up can be an interesting and exciting experience and create a new type of appreciation you will have for your home.



3 Reasons You Should Build Your Dream House

Here are three reasons why you should build your dream house.



How to Choose a Roofing Contractor When You’ve Been Hit By Hail

If your roof has been damaged recently by storms or some other natural occurrence, you’ll need to call on a roofing contractor.



Barrington Illinois Top Repair Contractors: Questions To Ask

Before you hire a roofing contractor, it's crucial to ask the right questions to ensure a job well done.



6 Realistic and Inexpensive Alternative Housing Ideas

Rather than invest in traditional housing and go out of your way to pay back accumulated debts, you might want to consider these realistic yet inexpensive housing ideas.



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What’s Involved In The Home Building And Construction Process

In this article we present a general outline of the home building and construction process.



10 Common Yet Avoidable Mistakes With Home Renovations

Check out the following common mistakes that could be avoided when doing home renovations.



The most reliable and competent builder

The Kubau is well known for its high performance and modern operation in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein.



Here To Choose The Best Commercial Roofing Company

A well-built roof will always protect your building from natural disasters such as heavy rains and strong winds.



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