The Danger of Not Hiring Flood Water Damage Restoration Services ASAP

Here are some of the dangers that you face when you delay hiring a flood water damage restoration service.


Flooding can disrupt your daily routine and can also cost a lot of money in damages. Dealing with the aftermath can be a complete nightmare for any homeowner. Whether the flood is caused by a strong rainfall, a water system malfunction or groundwater, immediate action is crucial and hiring a restoration service ASAP should be on the top of your to-do list.

A restoration service will assess the extent of the damage, ensure that you and your family members are safe, and prevent further property damage. Here are some of the dangers that you face when you delay hiring a flood water damage restoration service.

1. Health risks from exposure to sewage and other contaminants.

Even when the flood water looks clear, it can still contain sewage and other contaminants like household chemicals. Flood water is also the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and parasites.

Exposure to it puts you at risk of developing the following illnesses:

● Water-borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever
● Vector-borne diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, malaria, and West Nile fever
● Hypothermia, especially in children after prolonged exposure to flood water
● Respiratory tract infections

You’re putting your health and your family’s welfare at risk not only when you expose them to standing water but also when they get in contact with waterlogged furniture, draperies, and mattresses.

Click here to hire a water damage restoration service that can safely and efficiently drain water and excess moisture in your home. They are equipped with industry-grade equipment and tried-and-tested techniques to prevent injuries and exposure to harmful contaminants.

2. Electric shock from exposed wiring

Water can easily damage your home’s electrical wiring which causes damaged appliances and blown fuses. The combination of water, electricity, and the human body is a no-brainer. For this reason, avoid repairing or restoring your home when there is the possibility of a faulty electrical system hanging over your head.

Flood water damage restoration services are staffed with licensed electricians who can inspect and, if necessary, replace the wiring in your home to ensure that it’s safe for habitation.

3. Fire from gas leaks, faulty wiring, and damaged electrical equipment.

Water damage can also cause fires because of gas leaks, and the damaged electrical system and appliances. Gas leaks, in particular, can be extremely dangerous. Some indicators that a gas leak has occurred after flooding in your home are the following:

● An unpleasant smell, similar to rotten eggs
● A whistling noise near your gas meter

It is not advisable to use any appliances after your home gets flooded. Instead, ask for assistance from the professionals. Fast response from a water damage restoration service prevents water damage from causing auxiliary risks like fires, and reduces the associated costs.

4. Structural damage

Water damage can adversely affect the structural stability of your home. It can cause cracks in the foundation, weakening of the drywall, and degradation of your home’s wood frame. A structurally unreliable home is no place for you and your family.

Some of the visible indicators of structural damage are the following:

● Cracks, bulges, or sagging in the floors and walls
● Cracks in the basement or foundation walls
● Sagging ceiling with dark or leaky spots
● Jammed, broken, distorted, or hard to open doors and windows
● Rust leaching out of cracks

However, not all signs of structural damage are easily noticeable. Even when your house looks fine, it’s still advisable to call a water damage restoration service that can inspect your home and determine the extent of repairs needed.

5. Mold growth

Mold can develop as quickly as one day after a flood. This type of fungus is associated with many health problems, including allergies, respiratory problems, fatigue, nausea, and headaches. Some types of mold, such as the infamous black mold, can even lead to fatalities.

Removing excess moisture and drying your belongings need to be done as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. A water damage restoration service can get rid of mold quickly and even prevent them from infesting your home in the future.


When it comes to flooding and water damage, time is always essential. Even a day can make a huge difference. An expert can take control of the situation, prevent further damage, and keep you and your loved ones safe from the dangers listed here.

Hiring a flood water damage restoration service ASAP will give you peace of mind after an unspeakable disaster. With their years of experience, specialized skills, and industry-grade equipment, you can get your home completely restored in no time.


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