From tin shack to beautiful home

It's a bold homeowner indeed who takes on the task of transforming a tin shanty to a luxurious home. Khensile Gomba is just that homeowner.


Over the past two years Khensile has lived through the mess and hard work of building a home from the ground up. It's still a work in progress but already the new home starts to take shape.




It's no easy task to build you own home, especially if you are building it from the ground up. But a walk through Soweto and you will see how many are taking on this daunting task.

Building your own home as and when you can afford it means that you own your own property clear and free. No monthly bond repayments for the rest of your life. But on a project that can take two years or more, it could also mean living rough on a building site.

Although the work is far from complete, I hope that Khensile sends through more images on the work in progress, and of the finished home.


Khensile: I am finally done with the renovations on our family house with a few minor changes to the initial plan and would still like to add on more changes. Ultimately, I am happy with how the house turned out - just that it is massive, especially the open plan dining, lounge and kitchen area. I would like to perhaps add on a TV area, as my lounge area has cream white sofas and this is not ideal.  The other thing is I so would like to have is an entrance area/reception are. I don’t want to end up spending a fortune but would like to add on changes that I will love, changes that will make the house more cosy.