Turning a khaya into a guest house

Using her basic knowledge of building and construction and unskilled labour, Annemarie transformed a dilapidated shack into an amazing guest house for when family and friends stay over.


Builders Warehouse in Bloemfontein supplied almost everything needed for this improvement project and Annemarie and hubby already have an extensive collection of Bosch power tools.

The project itself took just over 7 months to complete and Annemarie almost gave up a couple of times, but finally managed to finish this charming little addition. Annemarie and her husband live on a farm in the Free State and now have guest accommodation for any family and friends that want to visit to enjoy the wide open spaces and fresh air.

"We live on a farm and I am always busy renovating and repair everything as this farm has a lot of work on it." says Annemarie. Although not one hundred percent complete, Annemarie hopes to finish off the project so that she can concentrate on other areas that require improvement.

My great grandfather used these wooden shoe block to make their own shoes. I put it up against the wall to use as a coat hanger at one of the entrance doors

An old Singer sewing machine cabinet was used for the hand basin in the bathroom. These were all items unused and standing around in my garage and I had to make a plan either to get rid of it or use it somewhere.

On the opposite side of the bathroom the shower is powered by a solar hearing system.


The second bedroom with an antique double bed that I bought at auction.

When my sister moved home she had these old cupboards that were all scratched and dark wood. I received it for free and gave the cupboard a coat or two of light-coloured paint.


I was lucky to get the steel kitchen cabinets from my sister. I painted them in a light blue to match the colour scheme.

The old Riempies bank was bought at auction

The table was bought from a local auction and was sanded and varnished.

Lending a touch of local charm and my mascot.