One home improvement you should consider

There is a single improvement that you can add to your home that will definitely give a return on your investment.



If there is one home improvement that definitely gives you a healthy return on your investment, apart from bathrooms and kitchens, it is to install larger windows. While you might not consider this a project undertaking if your windows are still in good condition, sooner or later you may want to replace old windows due to their age, or condition, and this is when you should consider your options.



Let the sun shine in

Many homes lack an abundance of natural light, whether this is due to keeping costs low on the original build, or lack of foresight by the developer. Some older homes were actually designed to let in as little sunlight as possible, with the belief that this would keep the home cooler during the summer months.

Whatever the reason may be, replacing smaller windows with larger, more efficient windows will definitely make a huge difference on how the interior will look and feel.

Repair or replace

If your old windows are drafty, dingy, or the fittings need to be replaced, it doesn't necessarily mean that the window frames themselves have to be replaced. Steel and wooden windows can be fitted with a foam-rubber insulating strip that will keep out draughts and, in many instances, the fittings can be easily replaced. However, if your windows are small and inefficient, you should consider replacing them with a more energy efficient alternative rather than forking out to have them repaired.

GOOD TO KNOW: The SA Government requires all new residential developments – including renovations – to use energy efficient window frames.



Double glazed windows give you the option to have a more energy efficient home. These windows allow more natural light into a home while still providing a level of insulation. When you consider that the cost of electricity for the average home has increased by more than 400%, double glazed windows actually save you money and there's no better time to fit these than when you are looking to replace your old windows.

Improve the look of a house

I have wooden window frames fitted to my entire house, and while I do like the look of these, they require an awful lot of maintenance to keep them looking good. These windows have to be stripped down and an exterior sealer applied to ensure the wood stays in good condition and continues to add to the aesthetics of the house and keep up the curb appeal.

Steel windows can be just as high maintenance as wooden windows, especially when rust sets in. Newer uPVC windows are considered a standard fitting for new homes, due to their high insulation value and longevity. Here in South Africa, there are installers that equip these windows with a coating that protects the frames in our extreme climate.

Installing new windows also means that your window frames are fitted with quality internal mechanisms that allow easy opening, closing, sliding and locking actions are all simple and efficient.

Sustainability is the key

We all know that climate change is now a reality, and that there are plenty of ways to improve a home to be more energy efficient. When the time comes to replace your windows, do your research and look at the options available to let more light in the home, increase energy efficiency and support sustainability with your choices.



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