Turn your garage into a pub

This homeowner turned his double garage into a pub.


Here's a novel way to make use of an unused garage - turn it into your very own pub, complete with all the detailing of an old village establishment!

Wanting to create a place to hang out with family and friends, this clever homeowner decided to turn his unused garage into a pub. But not wanting a plain bar, he went all out to recreate an atmosphere worthy of any small village tavern.

Wood panelling on the woods, reclaimed planks on the floor, and a bevy of beautiful wooden tables and chairs add to the rustic atmosphere in this garage-cum-pub. It as if every detail has been perfectly researched and a lot of time spent in finding the right pieces for the space.

A stained glass window behind the bar sets the tone for evening entertainment, where friends can gather to drink a toast and have a bit of fun.

Even the accessories dotted around the room help to bring about that olde English atmosphere.

Solid wood doors have been meticulously crafted to fit into the space, and a small fireplace warms the room during the colder months of the year - making this an all-year establishment.



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