The Process of Roof Replacement and Its Advantages

Below are some advantages of getting a roof replacement and how you should go about this entire process.


The only thing more exciting than getting your own house is doing some remodeling. All those angles you didn’t get to cover the first time around, and all the shortcomings that disappointed you, can be taken care of properly this time, and that alone is quite thrilling. While you might think remodeling your bathroom or living room are priorities, it is actually the roofing that you really need to pay attention to. Having a roof with problems might be disastrous to your entire household, and it’s something that you need to address as soon as possible. Here are the advantages of getting a roof replacement and how you should go about this entire process.


Perks of getting a roof replacement

Yours is currently damaged

One of the first things you need to do to determine whether or not you need a new roof is check your current one. Grab the nearest ladder, but wait until the weather is clear, and go check your roofing. If you find missing or broken shingles, then you might have a problem. You’ll start noticing shingles that might also be cupped along the edges, which means they won’t be functioning properly, and that could lead to further complications.

To avoid leakage and stains

While you were up there on the roof, you will probably notice some leakage and something far worse, mold. But when you get inside your house and go check the attic, you might be more terrified by what you see. If your roofing was in a really bad condition, you’ll probably notice a lot of stains and streaks of water, and if you’re really unlucky, the mold might have started spreading into the inside of your house. This brings us to the biggest advantage to replacing your roof –– so you could avoid water and mold damage done to the inside of your house because of water leaking.

Increasing property value

One of the most important reasons why you should work on getting a new roof is to increase the property value. When you get new roofing, the curb appeal is significantly improved and your place just looks nicer, which contributes to getting higher bids if and when you do sell.

Avoiding health hazards

The last thing you really need is for the roof to fall on your family’s heads while having dinner. If not for anything else, replacing the roofing provides you with protection from several health hazards. We’d talked earlier about mold and how it can spread to the place, and it can cause a lot of complications from nasal problems to cough and wheezing, depending on the person. You should also know that dampness is an invitation for pests as well, who like dark and moist places, or in other words, your attic if you have a leaky roof. Needless to say, pests are not good for your health.

How should you go about this entire process?

Find competent contractors

One thing you need to understand about roofing contractors is the fact that most don’t really put too much emphasis on offering the best quality possible. Why? Well, replacing a roof is a once every couple of decades business, so they don’t really care much about customer satisfaction since they won’t be seeing you again. This is why you need to consider your options when replacing the roof, and shop around until you find competent and honest contractors to deal with who will put in the effort it takes so you could get the best results. They need to have the longevity of your roof in mind, because this should be a lifetime product that won’t need to be changed in the next 30 years or so. Ask around and read reviews of the different companies, and try to find the best possible option in your area.

Get high quality materials

It won’t matter much that you hired the most competent contractors out there if you’ve ordered them to use cheap materials for your roofing. Needless to say, this is one part of your renovations you don’t really want to save money on. The longest available warranty for roof shingles is 50 years, and it won’t cost you that much extra to get those, but it will make a lot of difference in how durable and sustainable your new roof will be. The higher the quality you invest in, the less trouble you’ll have with the new roof, and the longer it’ll last.

While all this might seem a bit overwhelming, it really shouldn’t be. The most important thing you need to do is hire trustworthy contractors to take care of the roof for you, and get your hands on some excellent materials. The rest is just secondary details.



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