Turning Your Attic into A Dream Bedroom – Here is Why?

Most people use an attic as simple storage areas,  but consider using your attic as a bedroom and general living area.





Many people use their attics as simple no-frills storage areas, and that works well, too. But not nearly as well as using your attic as a bedroom and general living area. Before we touch on things to consider before turning your attic into a bedroom, let’s revisit the benefits:


  • ● It keeps it free from wildlife.


Ask any wildlife removal professional like A+ Animal Solutions, and they’ll tell you the reason why animals so favor attics is that they’re cluttered and uninhabited. This makes them ideal living quarters, with fairly little chances of discovery. So moving into the attic automatically cuts down on furry residents.


  • ● It means more space.


Most families are hard-pressed for space, so it’s unusual not to maximize the living space you already own. Rather than waste a perfectly fine attic as storage, it’s preferable to cut down on the stuff you’re storing, and turn it into a viable living area, so that everyone in the family can enjoy better privacy.


  • ● It increases the home’s value.


If you eventually decide to sell the house, having an attic that’s also a living area will mean a better price. Think about it, an extra bedroom sells for much more than simple storage space, right?


Tip: if you’re going for increased value, you’ll also want to install a bathroom up there. It’ll make things easier for the person living in the attic, and also amp up the value of your home.


  • ● It’ll give your house better insulation.


Since you’ll probably need to add an extra layer of insulation when converting your attic into a bedroom, this will also mean better insulation for the rest of the house.

Now that we’ve looked at the biggest reasons why you should turn your attic into a dream bedroom, let’s talk about that dream bedroom. Below, you’ll find a few things to keep in mind when planning out your attic remodel.


1. Consider permits, building licenses, and local regulations

Do a little research and find out if you need a building permit to remodel your attic (you might), and what the local safety rules are for living in the attic. Some places will require an additional staircase, or some other method of getting out (such as a big window) in case of an emergency.


2. Soundproof the space

Remember that the attic wasn’t designed to be a live-in space, just a storage area. Which means it’s probably not designed for noises. To avoid hearing every tiny movement of the person living in the attic, you’ll want to add an extra subfloor in the attic, and soundproof it. This will keep everyone from going mental.


3. Take advantage of the roof

While some people consider the roof’s angles as a problem with building in the attic, we say it offers a lot of opportunities. Pick furniture and a design that compliments the unusual roof angles. This will give your attic bedroom more personality and style.


4. Consider electricity

Since most attics aren’t designed to be lived in, they’re not wired for electricity. Which may prove a serious issue for a bedroom. So before you begin building, you’ll need to take down some walls, to wire it up for electricity.


5. Build your bathroom on top of another bathroom

If space allows, you’ll want to equip your attic bedroom with its very own private bathroom. If you do, make sure you build said bathroom on top of an existing one (or a kitchen). This will keep plumbing closer together, and minimize the new work that needs to be done.

And that’s about it. Start browsing furniture and considering styles to create your dream bedroom!





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