Before and after home renovations

While browsing the Internet I came across these amazing home renovations. It's always nice to see an actual before and after, one that you can immediately see that it is the same room so that you have an better idea of what can be done if you are prepared to put in the time and effort.

This one is my favourite because the finished result looks like a home that has been loved and lived in for years, not something created overnight. If you take a close look at what has been done, apart from the furniture, most of these are projects that can be done DIY or with a little help.

◊ Window frames restored to original wood finish

◊ Reclaimed timbers installed on ceiling

◊ Renovations to fireplace surround

◊ Carpet removed and wood floor restored

Detailing like that on the new fireplace surround can be done with SupaWood and a router or Dremel Trio. Again, it's making the decision to spend time lovingly creating these details that add to the finished look.

The original 70's kitchen - not shown here - is replaced with a cottage kitchen that ties in with the look of the living room.


Making use of the original features, this large open-plan living, dining and kitchen space has been given an affordable renovation that can be tackled as a do-it-yourself project. Other than a couple of larger projects, most of the changes in this space are cosmetic.

◊ Tongue and groove ceiling painted to visually increase height

◊ Panelling added to fireplace surround and fireplace re-tiled


Once again, the original kitchen has been replaced with a Shaker kitchen that blends seamlessly into the open space.



With the additional of a few extra cabinets, new cabinet doors, a new kitchen countertop and some paint this drab ugly duckling of a kitchen has truly become a swan.

◊ Vinyl floor ripped up to reveal hardwood floors restored to original condition

◊ Larger windows installed

◊ Extra cabinets and new doors fitted

◊ New countertops installed



These types are projects are not done in a weekend but they are projects that can be done by a DIY enthusiast who is prepared to put in the time and effort. With the proper materials, the right tools and some DIY savvy any homeowner can save thousands of rands by tackling a home renovation project, but care must be taken to do a professional job.