Add trim to windows

There is something elegant and dignified about a home that is fitted with trim, whether wood trim stained in light or dark, or MDF trim painted in a crisp white. Plus, this feature ties in nicely with the recent article that I did on restoring an older home.

The images in this feature visually detail the transformation of an old home to a modern masterpiece designed with original details in mind.

Archway framing

Built in the 1930's, this old home has the remains of what's left of many original features, although most are beyond repair and many have been removed or ripped out over the years. The renovation was intended to restore and rebuild as much of the original detailing as possible, and this was done with PAR pine and MDF, plus a varied selection of moulding and trim.

MDF is available in sheets varying in thickness from 3mm up to over 30mm and these are ideal for boxing and framing details that will eventually be painted.





The cladding around both fireplace and windows, as well as the two side consoles, need to be ripped out and replaced with new materials. The fireplace will eventually be clad with a stone veneer.





Although not part of the original design, or perhaps replaced with a gypsum board alternative, the new coffered ceiling will further enhance the architectural detail and match the newly installed trim in the rest of the home.

Box beams are made using 6mm MDF, to which additional detailing is added using moulding and trim. Once painted, the ceiling becomes an outstanding feature.


Wall panelling

Since most of the original panelling was ripped out, the idea was to replace with a modern alternative of batten and board panelling. This is a much more affordable option to expensive wood panelling, especially as the panelling will eventually be painted.

Create the look

You can buy MDF at your local Builders Warehouse, but they only stock the standard 16mm thickness. For other thicknesses, contact your local timber merchant or google a supplier in your region. A varied selection of moulding and trim is available at Builders Warehouse or from various other suppliers.

If you use MDF painting is a breeze. You can use acrylic PVA, water-or oil-based enamel for a smooth satin or glossy high-sheen finish.