How to Plan Resources for Your Construction Project?

Resource planning in construction management is essential for any construction company.




Every construction company needs a committed project manager who can maintain a productive work environment and meet the goals on time. To accomplish this, a project manager will have to stay within a budget, ensure all the workers have the equipment they need, and still make sure there would be a good profit margin. That’s why resource planning in construction management is essential for a construction company.

Resource planning in construction management is the activity in which project managers determine the resources they will need and assign them to the different teams. All these resources are directly connected with the objectives of the project. This means project management and resource planning need to work together.

When we are talking about resources in the construction industry, these could include materials, human resources, facilities, tools, and equipment, among others. Keep in mind it is not only important to allocate all these resources. Resource planning in construction management also needs to focus on maximizing them and save costs when possible.

There are some steps you can take to ensure resource planning is well done and brings benefits to all your projects. Here we will tell you all you need to know about planning resources for your construction project.


What does resource planning in construction involve?

First, as a project manager, you need to understand what exactly resource planning in construction management involves.

When you are developing resource planning for a construction company, some of the activities you will need to complete are:

● Pick the resources and decide to whom they belong inside your team.

● According to the schedule you establish, make sure the resources are available for your workers’ tasks.

● Plan at which stage of the project, your team will employ each resource. This does not only apply to current activities. Look beyond, months before those tasks happen. Here is where construction resource scheduling software programs will help you. Go to Bridgit Bench and check out the best resource scheduling software program for your next project.

● Assign the resources taking into consideration how your employees will feel at work. When they have everything they need to work, they will do a great job. Otherwise, if they have to ask for resources every time they need them, that will delay your project.

Since now you know the general context of the assignments you need to perform, we will dive into the exact steps you should take.


How to do resource planning step-by-step


1. Have a definitive plan for the project

If you want to succeed in resource planning for construction management, you need to have a clear idea of all the project phases and the objectives you need to accomplish.

Remember that unless you have a clear plan from the beginning, you won’t know which resources you should assign for each task. Develop a definitive procedure or as close as possible to the final plan and stick to it. Also, don’t forget there should be an individual plan regarding resource management for construction subcontractors. This means you need to integrate their schedule into yours.

2. Select the resources you need

After finalizing your plan, go through it again but this time, take notes of the resources you require. There are different ways you can approach this. Our advice is to determine the resources you need for each phase of the project and then divide them into tasks.

To select these resources, use your experience in the field since this will allow you to pair up resources that go together. Optimize all the resources you can because this will help you to keep your budget.

3. Assign the resources

Sometimes you will encounter that assigning the resources once you have a list of them will be easy. However, the part that will take up most of your time is determining how tasks you can reuse resources. Here is where your industry knowledge will pay off.

Suppose you are new to resource planning in construction management. Don’t panic. You can solve this by dividing each task into team members, materials, and equipment. After you are done assigning, you can check which tasks have a close time performance and whether those repeat resources. If they do, those are the resources you can reuse.

There are main things you need to take into account when assigning resources:

● Reusing resources is more manageable with tasks that succeed each other. Like, if you are using equipment for various tasks on the same site, you won’t have to worry about transport. This will also save you time and increase your efficiency.

● Resource planning construction management also includes workers. Don’t try to use the same person to do a great variety of tasks because they will not be able to reach your objectives. It helps to think about how many activities you will be able to handle on a day. This will avoid overworking your crew.


4. Authorization and reservation

If you are working in a big construction company, there is probably more than one project manager, which means they will also need resources. In this case, to ensure you will have all your resources, you might need to talk to the other managers and reach an agreement that can benefit both of you. Before calling other managers, you need to have a specific list with resources you need and additional information such as how long the task is, resource quantity, and start and end days.


5. Adapt to changes and track

It often happens that a project’s schedule will change, or there will be things that you can’t control. Tracking can allow you to foresee these situations and be prepared to adapt and re-assign resources. There are several software programs that you can use to track resource productivity.


Resource Planning in Construction Management: Conclusion

Construction projects represent a significant investment, and it is your job to make sure all the money invested in resources will pay off at the end with profits. That’s why resource planning in construction management will make a significant impact on any project you are assigned to. Whenever you feel lost in the process, just follow the step-by-step on this article, and you’ll be back on the right track.


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