Maintain roof in good condition

Your roof is an integral part of the structure of a home and requires regular, ongoing maintenance.


Many homeowners tend to overlook the roof when it comes to annual maintenance, and yet a roof protects the entire structure. To ensure the roof remains in good condition, and to protect your home from damage, it is important to maintain a roof in good condition and to repair any faults immediately.

To help you keep the condition of the roof in good order, we have included some tips below on what needs to be done on an annual basis.





Regularly clean out gutters and downpipes

Removing debris from gutters and downpipes will cut down the risk of these becoming blocked at a later stage. Blocked gutters or downpipes can so easily prevent the flow of water away from the structure and result in damage to your walls and interior spaces.

Set aside a weekend to get out the stepladder and climb up to the roof to clean out the gutters and use a hosepipe to check for blockages in the downpipes. This will also let you check that water is flowing away from walls or structures and attend to any problems in this area before the rainy season starts.

Remove overhanging branches

Inspect the roof for damage caused by overhanging branches. This will cut down on the amount of leaves that fall on the roof and also prevent damage by the branches themselves. A single branch close to the roof tiles can cause a lot of damage on a windy day, so it is best to cut these back.


Clean the roof tiles

An accumulation of dirt, which is organic matter, can cause algae or bacteria to build up and cause damage. If you don't have the necessary tools to wash a roof yourself, it pays to hire a company that can do the job on your behalf.

Painting roof tiles

The natural colour of roof tiles can fade over time under constant exposure to our climate, and you may want to consider painting the roof or having someone paint it for you. A roof maintenance company will not only paint the roof tiles, they will also be able to fix up any problems with loose caps or tiles.





Replace broken roof tiles

Any damaged or broken roof tiles need to be replaced immediately if you want to avoid expensive repairs. A single, broken roof tile allows moisture into the roof space which could then result in damage to interior walls and fittings.



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