Building with shuttered concrete Kwikblox

If you are looking to build a new home from scratch, consider the option for using shuttered concrete for the structure. Shuttered concrete is 40% cheaper than conventional construction yet offers the highest thermal and acoustic properties available. Shuttered concrete construction also offers a wall strength 4 times that of bricks and the building process is 6 times faster.


Kwikblox is an construction process that allows for cost effective stable homes to be built with speed and efficiency. The Kwikblox process only requires a mix of river sand and building sand, 13mm stone, cement and clean water be provided for the Kwikblox process.

The walls are shuttered directly on top of a suitable concrete foundation and the building process requires that dry aggregate is compacted within in the mould, after which the mould is released and the process repeated right next to what has just been cast.



The process for mixing concrete for the concrete blocks is crucial. A specific mix is required for construction and to ensure that the blocks remain solid once the moulds have been removed. The shuttered concrete walls are 15MPa and the top row is made with a 20MPa concrete.



As you move the mould forward you leave behind a wet concrete wall. It takes no more than two minutes for a two-man team to complete the process. A team using four these moulds would be able to complete the equivalent of laying 8 800 - 11 000 standard bricks per day !



As the shuttered concrete wall goes up checks are made to ensure that the wall remains level. During the building process conduits for water and electrical pipes can be created to rule out the requirement for chasing the walls for fitting after construction. Where necessary, concrete lintels are placed on top of the shuttered concrete blocks.






The roof is ready to be installed now that the shuttered concrete walls have been plastered. Without doubt, the wall integrity and 15 Mpa + strength of Kwikblox will exceed the requirements of the local municipality. This groundbreaking building technology produces products of exceptional quality and performance.

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