The Top 8 reasons why you should use Acrow Props

Acrow Prop, also known as Jack Posts, Screw Prop and Shoring Post, was developed by Swiss-born William de Vigier in the 1930s in the UK as a cost- and work-efficient substitute for wooden props.


Thinking of the best support system to use as you've finally decided to carve out windows from the thick walls of your house to end the under-ventilation that has been harassing you?

Or you suddenly realized that you need to fix a doorway right where a solid brick wall is, and you're thinking of a support system to use? Or perhaps you're generally thinking of temporary support for overhead loads? Then think Acrow Prop.

Also known as Jack Posts, Screw Prop and Shoring Post, Acrow Prop was developed by Swiss-born William de Vigier in the 1930s in the UK as a cost- and work-efficient substitute for wooden props which were less efficient and particularly vulnerable to fire and damp.

Acrow Prop is a piece of vertical support equipment used to support overhead loads during repair work to prevent a collapse. As a vertical shoring device, jack posts provide adequate support when carving out a window, doorway or archway from a wall. When removing a wall; when raking shores to brace formwork for walls, stairs and columns, etc., Acrow Prop is your best option.

Screw Props are mostly suitable for vertical support, and they are ideal for repair and renovation. They primarily shore up; that is, they provide temporary supports during building or repair. They are not suitable for scaffolding because they cannot offer access platforms for workers.

Today, Acrow Props are hugely popular in the UK and many parts of the world for the following reasons:


Shoring posts are simple in design and easy to use. One person can operate them. All you need do is to stabilize the base of the outer tube; then lift the inner tube to the desired height, after which you lock the height by inserting the prop pin into the Prop through the inner and outer tube, and then make the final adjustment by twisting the collar.


Shoring post is made of steel, which makes them especially suitable in damp conditions. Modern Acrow Props are also now galvanized to prevent them from rusting and therefore ensures many years of active use. Acrow Prop hire is also an option when you cannot afford to buy this equipment. You can easily hire it, make use of it and return after use.


Adjustable steel Prop can be adjusted to the desired height. You can do this by unscrewing the lock pin and then adjust the inner tube to the desired height, before inserting the lock pin back in.


They come in five different sizes, which, plus their adjustable nature, make them able to support most structures. The five dimensions of Screw props are:

l Size 0: When closed, this can reach up to 1.1m (3.5ft) and 1.8m (6ft) when open.
l Size 1: this reaches 1.75m (5.75ft) and 3.12m (10.25ft) when closed and open, respectively.
l Size 2: stands at 2m (6.5ft) when close and 3.4m (11ft) when open.
l Size 3: this can reach 2.4m (8ft) when close and 4m (13ft) when open.
l Size 4: being the most extended size, Size 4 Acrow Props are 3.2m (10.5ft) and 4.9m (16ft) when closed and open, respectively.


When rightly set and the amount of working load properly calculated, Jack Posts are almost foolproof and reliable in use. When it is not used vertically, stress is distributed to parts of the Prop not designed to withstand much pressure, which may lead to failure. Anything over a 1.50 off vertical line is considered quite risky. Also, you may require the services of an expert such as a structural engineer and an architect to calculate the safe working load of each Prop correctly.


This equipment can withstand heavy vertical loads. The number of loads Jack Posts can support vary depending on their size and on whether they are unextended (i.e. close) or extended (i.e. open). For instance, a Size 0 Acrow Prop can support a load of 4.2 tons and 2.2 tons when unextended and extended, respectively.


Screw Props are incredibly efficient for many reasons. As they are not burdensome, Screw Props can be easily carried and quickly installed, which make them time-efficient. Also, given their popularity, Acrow Props spare parts are widely available, which makes them cost-efficient. So you can always replace any damaged part instead of completely replacing the whole. Need I mention again that they are long-lasting and offer several years of continuous use?


They are compatible in use with other devices such as timber needles, strong boy brackets and forkheads, which provide additional support for Acrow Props. Timber needles give support to the upper courses of walls and safely allow work to be carried out below. Strongboy brackets offer about 340kg more weight support when used with Shoring posts, and forkheads ensure safety as they are attached to the top of Jack posts to hold timber beams firmly.

If Shoring posts have any downside, that will be that they are not very suitable for horizontal support, at least when used alone. Aside from this, however, Jack posts are your veritable go-to support framework for vertical support of large and heavy loads.
Therefore, for economy, reliability, durability, simplicity, strength and efficiency, think of Acrow Props today.



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