House Renovations to do before or during the Winter

There are always renovations that need to be done to a house, and we offer advise on the ones to do during the winter - or dry season.


Home renovations offer many advantages to the homeowner; they can increase the size and functionality of a home, improve the layout to up efficiency, or renovation can up the value of a property. Whatever the reason may be for undertaking renovations to your property, the ultimate responsibility is to ensure the best quality of the work done at the end of the project, which also means having such renovations undertaken during the best time of year.

Winter - or the dry season - is the best time to tackle most renovation projects, particularly those listed below:







Home Insulation

For those considering adding home insulation to control heating and cooling of a home, this is a job best done during autumn or winter. It is far less expensive to cool a home during summer than keep a home warm during a winter, so to capitalise on this, have any home insulation work undertaken during this time period.


Fixing, Repairing or Upgrading a Roof

Fixing or replacing a roof is definitely not recommended during the summer or high-rainfall months of the year. Any repair work done during the rainy season can cause extreme and expensive damage to the interiors of a property. Choosing to do these during the dry season is the best option, when there is less chance of precipitation or heavy rainfall.

Modernising your Plumbing

Modernising the plumbing in a home can include jobs such as laying new pipes and sewer lines that are required when doing alterations to a bathroom or kitchen, or adding on to the existing footprint of a property, or simply upgrading an old system with newer pipes and fittings. While this job can be done year round, it makes far more sense to undertake any plumbing or sewer works when the chance of rainfall is limited.







Garden Landscaping

During the winter plants, shrubs and flowers go into a period of hibernation, allow for easy removal and relocation of these without too much damage. The colder months are also when harsh pruning is undertaken to cut back overgrown shrubs and trees, due to the fact that the cold temperatures will halt the spread of infection caused by such drastic treatment.

House Exterior Painting

For most regions, summer rains and storms can put a damper on exterior painting projects, forcing many homeowners to put projects on hold. The dry winters - or dry summers depending on your location - offer the perfect opportunity to attend to exterior repairs such as cracks, before refreshing exterior coatings to increase curb appeal and retain a home's value.



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