How To Choose A Commercial Bricklayer?

How do you start a search for the best commercial bricklayer?


Choosing the best bricklayer is very important since this particular area of your construction project can somehow make or break it. Generally, a bricklayer is an expert who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of constructing structures using mortar and block or brick. A professional bricklayer possesses specific experience and skills to render the outcome that you require. Bricklayer begins their career by studying standard tasks such as mixing concrete, constructing scaffolding, and hauling brick. Once they mastered these tasks, they can proceed to explore more advanced tasks, including piling brick in precise and straight lines, and this specific job should be structurally sound. Though it might seem easy, it actually demands a lot of skill and expertise. The structures, floors, and walls that are constructed by the bricklayer will serve as the foundation of support when building commercial establishments, residential properties, offices, retaining walls, and fences.

This being said, how do you actually start your search for the best commercial bricklayer? There are several factors that you should consider when selecting potential candidates for your construction project, and this include:

• Qualifications – as much as possible, you want to hire someone that established themselves in the industry as professional. This means looking for a bricklayer that went through rigorous training to acquire specific qualifications. You can ask whether they completed a construction awareness training course or a 36-month apprenticeship from a recognized facility.

• Services – brick laying offers a broad spectrum of services. See to it that the experts you are planning to hire provide what you are looking for. The majority can construct retaining walls, lay block and footings, cut bricks, and many more. Others are more acquainted with commercial tasks while some focus on home building. Look for someone who offers the service that you need in a setting that is suitable for your project.

• Properly insured – insurance safeguards you and the bricklayer that you hire. The expert that you choose must own public liability insurance and income protection insurance. In case they don’t have any income protection, chances are you could be held accountable when an employee hurt themselves while finishing your project. To avoid this, always get a copy of the certificates of insurance that your bricklayer has to ensure that they have valid policies.

• Client satisfaction and recommendations – select a bricklayer that has positive reviews and high recommendations from previous customers. This will help you determine if they are capable of doing the work the right away. You can also search for prior customer references, which you can contact personally to acquire feedback on the past performance of the bricklayer.

• Budget – Lastly, you have arrived at the most important factor that businesses and homeowners consider when selecting a bricklayer to handle their project: budget. Take note that the most affordable service isn’t usually the best, that’s why it’s important to consider the aforementioned factors first. Always ask quotes from numerous bricklayers to give you the chance to compare and determine the best value.



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