Building with concrete

Fu-Tung Cheng's work has become internationally known for its sophisticated, understated design and innovative use of concrete throughout the home. While not an architect himself, Cheng heads a team of architects and craftsmen that create a range of projects - from concrete water features, sculptural countertops, walls, custom hoods, kitchens and baths, as well as custom homes.


But, the importance of this project goes even deeper - it represents a major career milestone thanks to the unique and innovative use of concrete, as this residence is one of Cheng’s first-ever ‘hybrid’ structures, constructed as a combination of wood and concrete.

Both architecturally and aesthetically, the project is one of both innovative function and beauty in the application of concrete within a residential structure.


From design to construction, Fu-Tung's custom home projects have earned him numerous awards over the years. These full-scale design and architectural projects have given him complete creative license to experiment with his signature medium - concrete - as well as an outlet to further extend his artistic expression in other areas of the home, such as hardscape and landscape design.

The provocative use of materials that define this home is no subject of design afterthoughts. Simple materials executed with artistic and technical mastery create a space that is expansive, intimate, relaxing and engaging - making this home an experience long-remembered by any guest.