Building Inspection: Why you should have an inspection before Purchase

Regardless of the size, type, and location of a home, you should never ignore the benefit of doing a property check.


Buying a new property can be exhilarating, but at the same time a frightening experience. Apart from negotiating, making bids and other purchase arrangements, there is one critical aspect - doing a property inspection. Not everyone has that discerning eye of pinpointing and scrutinizing a building from first glance.

This is why regardless of the size, type, and location of a home, you should never ignore the benefit of doing a property check. It is one way of ensuring that you truly get what you pay for. In fact, the benefits of doing inspection supersede the whole cost of hiring an inspector. Below are the reasons why every home buyer should have an inspection done before making a purchase.

It reduces the risk of post-build up costs

It pays to buy a property that meets the required industry specifications and standards. The way an ordinary homebuyer may interpret a construction work in a building might be completely different from that of a professional inspector. Proper investigation ensures that the quality of construction is satisfactory.

Most builders will be quick to collect payment. An inspection helps to pinpoint and report possible defects and necessary repairs before you part with your hard-earned money. Some defects are hard to notice like leaky faucets, water stains, mold growth, bugs, and other internal and external defects. This can save you from incurring further repairs and post-build up costs as you know renovations can be costly.

It’s vital for price negotiation

The best way to determine the actual value of a building, whether new or old is through thorough house inspections. When flaws are revealed and repair reports provided, you can get a good negotiation point and this can greatly affect the purchase price. It can also save you a lot on your mortgage loan.

It gives you peace of mind as you move into your new property

Nobody wants to live in a home they don't feel safe. In fact, such an experience can be very frightening. With the right tools, a building inspector can notice issues that can't be seen with naked eyes. Whether it is an electrical connection fault or other critical structural problem, an experienced, licensed and an insured inspector can help you eliminate all forms of dreads as you move into your new home.

Ideal in protecting your future investment

Having a building inspected offers you several advantages as a potential home buyer. Apart from knowing the additional money you can spend to get your home in the expected condition, you also get insightful tips on how to maintain your new home. This can save your investment in the long term.

The true picture of a building is revealed

To ensure that you don't just fall in love with just the external appeal, home checks can give you a clear picture of both the internal and external conditions of your future property. It helps you to understand what you're purchasing and this can eliminate instances of being disappointed later. You will also know whether home insurance companies will be ready to ensure your home or not.

A detailed pre-purchase home check helps you to understand the property you want to buy. Most new home builders are clever and can focus on aesthetic appeal while disguising potential flaws. Alongside revealing hidden mistakes, home check gives you a full picture of your future property, total peace of mind, reduces future potential repair costs, and a point for price negotiation.



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