Bathroom becomes a kitchen

Originally a bathroom and shower, the Chelin family transformed the space into a small kitchenette over a period of six months, working every Sunday.



We knocked down the wall in between the bathroom and shower, pulled out the shower plumbing, bathroom fittings, re- ran the toilet drain pipe out and closed it off. We also had to put stoppers on the hot and cold water pipes from the shower.

I personally pulled up all the millions of tiles, got someone in to screed the floor level and then I painted it white with an epoxy, which looks amazing.

We also knocked out a bigger hole for the kitchen window and moved the bathroom window toward the then, single kitchen window. Filled in the bathroom window and smoothed it over.

We also had to trace a few lines in the walls, because we needed to install a main kitchen plug for the cooker. This was quite difficult as the walls were quite thick.

We got an electrician in to connect it up to the DB box, but we bought the fittings, boxes, electrical wiring and plugs all ourselves.

I designed my kitchen and got Cupboard Value to fit the cabinets - without tops.

Only last Sunday, I finally was able to afford Formica Lifeseal countertops and got those cut to size so that we could fit them ourselves.  On the sink side we had to install the third 600mm piece, we took out the single bowl sink and cut a hole into the new Formica to measure for a new double bowl sink. We also had to rewire the plumbing to fit two sinks, which my brother did, after a few drives to the hardware shops to get the right pieces.

All in all we are super proud of ourselves as being total amateurs!!