Building a Modular Home - Types, Cost, Pros & Cons

Building a modular home saves a lot of money on construction.


You can tell what a modular home is by the term itself – it is in the form of modules. These are separately built and brought to the location they are supposed to be at, instead of being built on site. You’d think this would cost more, but it actually saves a lot of money on construction.

You may get your modular homes built through great platforms like Fox Modular, but before doing so, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of your purchase first. Let’s discuss.


Improved quality

Being built in a factory setting ensures amazing quality. Modular homes are built in a completely different environment from stick homes, there is a much closer eye on everything and the process is under intense quality control. It is not built from scratch like most stick homes, and the builders have almost no chance of slacking off, unlike what happens in stick homes.

Quicker Construction

Think of it as stacking Legos. That is pretty much what it’s like, except much more complicated because actual people have to live in these homes. The materials are much easier to obtain and the manufacturer provides them himself, so there is no need for transportation if some materials are to run you, saving several days of time.

They are mostly contracture indoors, so natural problems like weather do not stop the process. It goes on as it normally would, unlike regular homes that are built on the site.

Cheaper to build

We’ve already established a few basic things that are shaved off the budget when building a home like this, so naturally, the cost lessens as well. From imported material to transportation, half of the budget in stick homes is consumed before construction has even begun. This is why these homes can be 15% cheaper than regular homes.


Lack of customization

It is difficult to select exactly how you want your home to be, because of the way that these homes are constructed. You’ll have a bunch of set configurations to choose from, so if you aren’t too big on customizing every bit of your home, this should not matter to you. Site-based homes are much more customizable. You can have anything you want, anywhere you want it. Modular homes will not give you that luxury.


Modular homes may be in demand, but there are certain areas that may not allow you to build this kind of a home. If you’re thinking of building a home of this sort, make sure that the place where you would like to buy land from will allow you to have it.
Modular homes used to be perceived as inferior to stick homes, which is why a lot of neighborhoods do not like having one amongst them. This is why they get banned in that particular area, despite the fact that modular homes are much more advantageous in a lot of ways. They are considered boring.



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