How Much Does It Cost To Build A New Garage?

Below are the factors to keep in mind if you are planning to build a new garage.





A garage has become one of the staples of homes and businesses. This is because you’d want to secure your vehicles as an investment. In other situations, garages double as storage spaces.

Do you plan on building a new garage? It’s a commendable project. There are various factors to consider that’ll bring your project to fruition. One of the factors is costs. How much will it cost to build a new project?

Here are the factors that’ll help you answer this question:


1. Square Footage

Square footage refers to the floor area your garage will occupy. There are many standard garage sizes you can adopt. It goes down to your chosen design. The standard size of a single-car garage is 12ft wide, 22ft long, and 8ft high. A two-car garage is 24ft wide, 22ft long, and 8ft high.

The larger the floor area, the more expensive it will be. On average, it’ll cost USD$50 per square footage. A garage with 240 square footage will cost you USD$12,000, while one whose square footage is 384 will be USD$19,200.

The cost difference arises because you’ll use more materials and require more labor to execute the project. It’ll also take longer to finish the project, leading to the usage of more resources.


2. Contractor

Contractors charge different rates for their services, so it is important to shop around before hiring anyone.

The difference arises from the scope of work, the quality given, and the complimentary services you’ll get. Therefore, it’s best to consider all these factors before choosing an affordable contractor.

Ensure your chosen contractor offers quality services. Don't choose the cheapest contractor available. Instead, compare several contractors and settle for one who is qualified.



3. Technology

Technologies continue to develop, and new ones become available all the time. Common technology in the garage includes smart locks, automatic or remote-controlled doors, motion sensors, security cameras, door protectors, and humidity sensors. Each of these will cost you differently; it all goes down to the level of technology.

Highly advanced technologies in your garage add to your new garage project cost. The more technologies you adopt, the more the costs. Hence, it’d help to identify your needs and use these to determine the technology that’s necessary. Moreover, note that the cost of the technology you adopt depends on your chosen vendor and the quality of the solutions.


4. Permits

A permit is authorization you need to do something, in this case, building your new garage. Some states require you to get permits before commencing this project. Getting these permits is important to avoid penalties and additional costs when you must rebuild to meet the necessary standards.

It’d help to identify the permits you need to get to your location. The costs of these permits differ depending on your project’s scope of work and the project’s location. Having to build a foundation will cost more than when you’re adding the garage to an existing foundation. Getting a permit in the city will be costlier than getting one in a rural area.

Generally, a garage permit costs between USD$400 and USD$1,500. Find out how much the permit will cost you in your region.


5. Materials

There are many construction materials you can use for your new garage. Common materials are steel, concrete, wood, and fiberglass.

Each of these materials costs differently, factoring in short- and long-term costs, like installation and maintenance. The difference arises in the availability, performance characteristics, and vendor you buy from. The more features and the more challenging it is to acquire the material, the more it’ll cost you.

It’s important to note that it also goes down to the ease of installation. Assume you’re framing your garage, which has 1500 square footage. If you use steel, it’ll cost you between USD$14,000 and USD$16,000. On the other hand, you’ll spend between USD$1,500 and USD$7,500 with wood on similar square footage.


6. Location

Direct and indirect factors will affect the costs of building your new garage. Your project’s location is one of the indirect factors.
The aspect to consider is the ease of access. The more interior your project is, the more the project will cost. Here, you have to consider transporting your contractor and workers. You’ll most likely offer them transport to your location until the project’s completion.

You also want to look at the delivery of the materials you’ll need for the construction. The more remote your building site is, the more it will cost to transport materials from a distribution center. However, the reverse applies if the vendor has to travel for several kilometers to deliver materials.



Finances are one of the cornerstones of the realization of any project. How much does it cost to build a new garage? It’s a question the read above has answered by highlighting the factors affecting these costs. Therefore, as you plan for your new garage project, use the insight herein to help you plan its financial aspect.





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