The most reliable and competent builder Kubau Kiel

The Kubau is well known for its high performance and modern operation in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein.


The Kubau is well known for its high performance and modern operation in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. They are the competent persons for the construction of the modern building which is constructed well with the help of a motivated team which consists of highly trained and experienced employees. Since many years they are flourishing our business with the help of advice given by the experts, timely delivery and the maintenance of high quality. The Kubau Kiel works for private as well as public objects. They are constructing many applications like drywall, plaster, interior work, stucco, and many other objects.

The company is of the ex-professional football player who was found injured in the year 2018 and resulted in the startup of the Kubau. Together with his father for around six months and more had made the company the best and the most preferable building constructors globally and especially in Nigeria. Their vision was to make their company the best construction company in the global place. The company relies on the steady development of the building under the construction name of 2.0. They are even starting to win numerous and permanent construction partners.

The company is locally authorized by the municipalities and private developers who are relied on the specific staff of the construction company. The customers can look for the company’s modern and old know-how and the experience it is having.

Services offered

Various services are offered by us to our customers. This is-

• Drywall
• Mason
• Interior designing
• Fire protection

Drywall construction

Drywall construction is done with the help of innovative techniques and building materials. They focus on the quality of the drywall that we construct from the starting. The first step of constructing the drywalls involves the set up of a metal structure which is screwed by the gypsum plasterboard which is especially used in the drywall construction. In the recorded time the highest quality of walls is set up with different innovative techniques under the great supervision of the professional experts. The old techniques and methods for the construction of drywalls are eliminated for the construction of the modern building construction.

Advantages of using modern drywall method

There are various methods for using the modern drywall construction method-

• High durability
• Greater appearance
• Load fixing strength
• Robustness
• Fire safety for interior spaces

Construction of Masonry

Prefer to kill for the construction of the best quality of Mason. They not only build your house but give it your vision for tomorrow. The construction of the same is done by selecting the superior quality of bricklayers from the private and public sectors and because of that, they are been awarded top marks. With the state of the art methods, the valuable construction time is saved by us in the construction of the masons. They use the best quality product for the construction and process, allowing on the timely delivery of the task. The best bricklayers are selected for the construction of the masons. As per the demanded design of the customers, the masons are developed with the help of efficient and well-trained staff.

Interior designing of the house

The interior covers everything which covers the full building except the shell of the room. The same is done by the expert modern dry construction. They also implement interior designing in a cost-effective manner and timely delivery. They work as per the demand of our customers for the development of the interiors. Many trained and professional experts are involved in the interior designing of the house. They provide their customers with good interior designing and the best quality of the product.

Features of interior designing

The features offered in the interior designing are-

• The professional creation foundation
• Create and install the framework
• Facing services
• Experts for walls of exterior and interior
• Foundation sole
• Renovation, demolition, and remolding
• Repair the damages of the buildings
• Concrete and reinforcing framework

Fire protection

They protect the building of our customers from the fire which will be future proof, individual and economical. These are executed by the experts in accordance with the DIN fire protection regulations. They ensure noticeable cost savings for the construction projects. With the innovative fire protection and methods that are provided to our customers at less cost as per the demand. To work on the fire protection are assessment looks for the-

• Fire fighting equipment
• Fire detection and warning systems
• Emergency routes and exits
• Removal or safe storage of dangerous substances
• The needs of vulnerable people
• Emergency fire evacuation plan

Why select Kubau Kiel?

By selecting them you will be assured about the fine work and durability of the building. The usage of high strength of raw materials is done to protect the building from any kind of extreme weather conditions. They are the most trusted and preferred builders amongst the wide building construction departments. It is a famous family-owned company for many years. They offer many designs and specifications according to the demand and vision of our customers.

They are mostly preferred by the customers as they have well trained and efficient staff that holds up excellent knowledge about the construction of the building. Prefer us for the best quality construction of the buildings and interiors, masonry and also the fire protection equipment.

Moreover, they are engaged in the construction of the buildings continuously for the timely and good quality delivery of the buildings. They adhere to the construction of the superior quality of the buildings which looks more attractive and are long-lasting. Any damages in the buildings after the construction process are also done with the usage of the cost-effective technique. They are more economical, competent and the best constructors. They are customer oriented builders who work for the welfare and for the needs of their patrons. Though the company is a family business this is mainly preferable to construct the buildings and houses.



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