How to Choose a Roofing Contractor When You’ve Been Hit By Hail

If your roof has been damaged recently by storms or some other natural occurrence, you’ll need to call on a roofing contractor.



Hail storms can cause considerable damage to your roof so it pays to be prepared. If your roof has been damaged recently by storms or some other natural occurrence, you’ll need to call on a roofing contractor at short notice. The problem is, likely everyone in your street or postcode will need the same disaster relief services too when it comes to dealing with hail damage. You might struggle to find a roofer that can help you with so much other demand. You’re desperate and vulnerable, which puts you at risk of being taken for a ride by a roofing contractor who puts themselves forward as an expert in the field.

We usually have time to investigate whether or not a roofing contractor's skills and values match our own. But, in the days after a hailstorm or other big weather event, you're forced to make a quick decision about hiring someone to fix your roof.

Information is power, so make sure you check on the following features of your potential contractor before you sign them on. These questions and insights can provide clarity and peace of mind.


Do they have insurance and are they licensed?

The roofing trade in Australia is strictly regulated. It's for a good reason. You don't want someone who doesn't know what they’re doing near your roof. They could cause further damage to your property.

All residential roofers need to have specific licenses outlined by each state. In New South Wales, for example, they need a Roof Tiling or General Construction certificate to fix tiles or sheeting. New South Wales requires every building/roofing contractor to have contract works insurance, professional indemnity insurance as well as Work Cover, apart from the public liability insurance. The contract works insurance covers the contractor against damage or loss of materials and work.


Do they have an excellent safety record?

Safety first is the cardinal rule for any responsible roofing company. The roofer needs to follow all safety rules and do their best to create a safe working environment. Roofers with strict safety practices protect employees and you as the owner against legal exposure from accidents and injuries. SafeWork Australia can provide all the information you need to check your contractor is being compliant.


Can they give you an accurate roofing quote?

When you approach a roofer for a quote, they should ask you what type of roof you have. Every house is different, and yours will likely have some unique features that would affect the accuracy of a quote. You want to make sure that the person you are hiring understands the technical needs of your roof and can, therefore, give you a reliable quote before they start work on it.


Will they be on site?

A negligent contractor will sign up for the job and then only show their face a couple of times, leaving the communication and day-to-day responsibilities to their staff. You want to work with a roofer that can offer you excellent communication and accountability and provide on-site supervision.

Ask for references and then check on how your potential contractor performed. Were they reliable? Did they report back to the client often? Were they upfront with unforeseen issues? Did they offer solutions when unexpected problems cropped up?


Do they have the resources you need?

Hailstorms put everyone in the roofing industry under pressure. You need to be open with your potential roofer about their capacity. Do they have the equipment and labour available to work on your project and finish it within your deadline? They may have answered the previous four questions positively, but if they don’t have the resources to provide you with a quality service, don’t risk signing them on. You don’t want to hire them only to discover they’re ill-equipped to finish your project on time.




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