Slow Running Water? Clean Out your Tap Filters

This is a problem that I have discussed previously, but after what happened a couple of days ago I just couldn't help but revisit this topic.



What to do if your Geyser Bursts

Being housebound means that you might be one your own should any emergency happen, but here's what to do if your geyser bursts.



What is Plumbers Tape and where do I use it?

Every home should have a roll of plumbers tape - but what is it and what do you use for?




Do your Water Pipes make loud banging noises?

Water pipes that make a loud banging noise when you turn off the taps are a sign of water hammer.



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Water flow won't stop in toilet

I have had a problem where the water flow into the cistern wouldn't stop. If you have experienced the same problem you may find this article useful.



Underground water leaks

Water leaks can be frustrating and hard on the wallet. Luckily, many household leaks can be fixed relatively easily.



Geyser Tips

In an average household, the geyser is the most energy-consuming appliance - taking up almost 40 percent of your monthly electrical bill. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your geyser.


Replace shower tap washer

There's more than a few homes that have leaky taps or taps that drip, and yet it's so easy and inexpensive to replace a tap washer. This video shows how to replace a shower tap washer.



Install his and hers vanity basins

I am slowly going from room to room doing small improvement projects and this week was modernising the main bathroom. At the moment it has a dusky blue bathtub, toilet and pedestal sink and it's time for the pedestal sink to make way for my new bathroom vanity.


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Fit a water-wise shower head

Replacing your old shower head with a modern shower head doesn't take more than 30 minutes tops. With a few basic hand tools you can enjoy an entirely new showering experience, and probably save water while you do!


Stop leaks immediately

Rust-Oleum Leak Seal an easy-to-use, rubberized protective utility coating designed to fill and seal leaks and cracks. It provides a water-tight, flexible seal that prevents moisture penetration, rust and corrosion.


Safety tips for geyser installation

The intention of this article is to inform you, in the interests of safety, what you should and should not see if you happen to stick your head into the ceiling space to check out your geyser.


Know how home plumbing works

Unless you can afford to fork out every time something goes wrong in your home, it pays to know a few plumbing basics just in case ...



Stop banging or vibrating pipes

Where banging noises seem to be in the walls or ceiling, this is commonly referred to as Water Hammer and is caused by a lack of air in the pipes and occurs whenever taps with valves are closed quickly.


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Fix a leaky toilet

If there are brown stains or water is dripping from the back of the toilet - where it connects to the outlet pipe - you need to replace the seal.



How to unblock a toilet

Toilet plungers work in the same way as the smaller sink versions but the head is shaped to fit a toilet pan. You can also hire plungers with a pump action handle that are effective at forcing water around the pan, clearing the blockage.


Know how a toilet works

Most homes have at two toilets, so it pays to have some understanding of how your toilet works. If you have a basic knowledge you could save yourself hundreds of rands on minor repairs. Here are a few things that it helps to know...


Where to find a professional plumber

Research shows that consumers worry about the quality of plumbers in South Africa.  So how do we know if the plumber we hire is qualified and registered or not?



How do I unblock a drain

Imagine standing in the shower with water up to your ankles, or spending essential 'reading' time on the toilet and then it won't flush! While a twice yearly inspection may not stop blockages entirely, it will prevent a big build up that could cause flooding.


How to repair chipped basin

Repairing chips and gouges in a porcelain or enamelled bath or basin is fairly easy if you have the right materials.



Tangit PVC-U Weld adhesive for PVC pipes

When you are using PVC pipes for installing a water feature, repairing a swimming pool, or for any craft or DIY project that uses PVC pipes, you need an adhesive that sticks fast and sticks strong. Tangit PVC-U Weld is the product you need.


Essential Plumbing Tools You Must Have at Home

Here's an essentiial list of plumbing tools you need around your home for any plumbing emergency.



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