8 Crucial Things to Check When Moving into a New House

In this post, we look the 8 crucial things you need to check before moving into your new house.


You have worked hard to find your new house or have been building it from scratch, and now it is time to move in and enjoy it. But, before you settle in and get swamped with moving your furniture and boxes, and what’s worse than finding a problem you had no way to prepare for.



Pay attention below to the 8 crucial things you need to check before moving into your new house.

Complete a walk-through

Before moving your personal belongings and furniture, start a complete walk-through in the new house. This is to detect if there are any issues with the house infrastructure such as plumbing. Many homeowners in Singapore recommend that you hire a professional service for that. Professionals use precise tools and equipment to perform tests on a property’s water drainage, source, and hidden pipes to ensure that there are no broken or clogged pipes. Having to deal with plumbing problems after you have already moved in is definitely a headache you’d like to avoid.

A tip: Have a checklist that involves all requests and repairs that you have agreed on with the previous owner or contractor, and check to make sure everything is working properly.

Locate box and valves

Take the time to locate the fuse box and water valves, you do not want to end up looking for them with a torchlight if the power cuts off. You will most probably find the electric fuse in the basement, storage room, or the garage; and the main water valve is usually around the side of the house.

Child / Pet proof

Visit your new house without your kids or pets at first and make some initial child or pet-proofing fixtures to keep them safe until you finish furnishing and can have a clearer idea of what more proofing you might need. Make sure there are no dangerous tools or hazards such as open wires or electric sockets.


Go through the moving task with a general furnishing plan and have a general idea where you will be placing your furniture. It will save you time and help you avoid any trouble while setting up big furniture pieces. You might even end up not taking some furniture from your old house because they will not fit.

Deep clean

New houses need to be deep cleaned. While some homeowners prefer cleaning before moving in, others prefer after. At the end, it all depends on what suits you and the new house’s condition. Another decision to take is whether to hire a professional cleaning company or put on your gloves and grab a mop.

Change locks


First thing to do is change the locks when moving to a new home. What if the previous owner still has a key, or some workers have got themselves a copy, better stay safe than sorry. Do not change only the main door locks, but also any interior or exterior door.

Change your address

Start informing family and friends that you are moving and update your subscription services, your bank information, and any other entity who sends regular bills. Most importantly, change your address at the post office while moving, some USPS offers a mail forwarding service for movers, which will buy you some time and ensure you are not missing any important documents.

There is a lot to consider when moving into a new home, which can be overwhelming for everyone. Yet, with the 7 crucial things listed above to prepare you in your new house, your transition can become a bit easier and smoother. Take time and don’t rush into settling in, this is one of the times that you need to take all the time you need.





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