Why Does My Plumbing Make Strange Noises?

Why does my home plumbing make strange noises, such as dogs howling or whimpering, an orchestra in the toilet, or pipes that bang?





Your home plumbing installation comprises a series of pipes, joints, pressure valves, geysers, taps and many other components that control the flow of water throughout the home. It is, therefore, quite normal to expect some noises in the pipes from time to time. However, some plumbing noises should not be ignored but rather addressed by a professional, as they could be an early warning of a serious problem.


Here are some noises you might hear in the walls and what you should do about them:


Howling noises are usually associated with water pressure in a home


Howling noise coming from the toilet

Is there an orchestra in your toilet, or does it sound like a dog howling at the moon? A simple test to check the system is to make sure that the water supply to the cistern is on full. What sometimes happens is that water flow into the cistern is too slow and needs to be adjusted. If the problem goes away the problem is solved, if it doesn't, read on.

A howling noise coming from the vicinity of your toilet and sounds like blowing air into a bottle or can sometimes sound like a full-on orchestra is most usually caused by wear and tear on the pressure valve and is not something you can fix on your own. A plumber will need to replace the worn parts.

However, do keep an eye out for dirty or rust-coloured water coming out of the taps, as this could be an indication that the hot water geyser needs to be replaced.







Don't lose sleep over loud banging noises in the attic or walls.


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Water hammer

Water hammer sounds like a knocking or thumping sound that comes from the ceiling when water is flowing through the pipes, particularly when a tap is closed quickly. This noise is caused by pipes not being fastened properly in the roof space and vibrating when water flows through. Not something that should be left unattended to for long, water hammer can result in damage to pipes due to pressure. A qualified plumber will be easily able to determine the source of the noise and fix the problem for you.

This is an easy fix and all you have to do is fasten any loose pipes to the rafters. I usually pop a piece of foam in-between to keep rattling noises to a minimum.


Prevent a washing machine from rocking all over the floor.


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Washing machine rocking

Too much pressure in water pipes can also be the cause of appliances that 'jerk' when the water supply switches on. This is also caused by water hammer and can be attended to by having a plumber fit a water hammer arrester. But more often than not, a washing machine that rocks on the floor is usually caused by a washing machine not being levelled off properly, and can easily be addressed with a few adjustments to the adjustable feet on the base of the washing machine.


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