What To Do if a Water pipe Bursts

A burst water pipe is not something anyone expects, but it does happen. But what do you do if a water pipe does burst?



A burst water pipe demands urgent attention. Apart from the damage that this can cause to your property, the cost of the wasted water can quickly become substantial and the damage more extensive the longer it is left. So what do you do should a burst pipe occur in the home?

Before you get into a panic, head for the main water stopcock for your home to turn off the water supply. Once the main water supply is off, you can take a deep breathe and think about the next step.


Here's is what you need to do in the event of a burst water pipe:

1. Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock.

2. Determine where the water pipe is located and take a full assessment of the damage. At this stage, there isn't much that you can do yourself so you will need to call a reliable plumber to immediately come out and fix the problem for you.







It is always wise to keep contact details for emergency professionals close at hand, or in a safe place, so that you can get to them quickly in the event of an electrical or plumbing disaster.


Prevention is better than cure and there are steps that you can do to minimise the risk of burst water pipes:

• Galvanised pipes are prone to leaks, so ask your plumber for assistance in replacing such pipes inside your home.

• Check your water meter regularly for unusually high consumption. Don’t wait for your municipal bill to arrive as water consumption is often based on assessments rather than actual readings.

• Do not ignore any suspicion of leaks, inside or outside your home. The cost of a call-out from your plumber is a lot less than the potential damage from a leak.


At the end of the day, it is best to keep your wits about you and not head off into a full-on panic attack. If you switch off the main water supply quickly the less damage there will be.


Thanks to Marc McRae of www.Plumbing4U.co.za 076 505 9957 for these handy tips.





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