What to Do During Plumbing Emergencies

Here is a list of plumbing emergencies and what you can do to deal with these emergencies.






When you hear the word 'emergency', what comes into mind? Many may think of personal health-related concerns or accidents. But this may also include household-related urgent concerns. This includes a plumbing emergency.

Oh, you might think it is not that serious. Well, that depends on the plumbing problem. I'd say it can range from mild to a more serious one that can affect your household. Here's a list of plumbing emergencies. We will also say what you can do to deal with these emergencies.


Drainage Block

We have drainages in our sinks and bathrooms. When there is a blockage, water does not get in. It will be hard to finish your dishwashing task if water does not get through. All the more if you are taking a bath. It is disgusting to soak your feet in dirty water as you take a bath!

What causes the blockage? There can be many causes. In sinks, it can be due to chunks of food. For bathrooms, it can be hair or soap. The problem is, this situation may be a bit dangerous. With water all over, you might slip and injure yourself.

To remedy, you can try hot water to dissolve particles. You can also buy and use chemicals from supermarkets that address drainage blocks. Or you can call a professional plumber to help you.


Water Heater Problem

Many things can happen with a water heater. It can malfunction and you can no longer control its hot and cold levers. It can also emit an unusual color or smell. It can also be noisy.

In these problems, it will be hard to do a self-diagnosis at home. This is an equipment and some wiring may be causing it. Tap a professional to fix it.


Toilet Malfunction and Bursting

Imagine your toilet bursting with unwanted water or other 'stuff.' That can be gross and ruin anyone's day! It happens when the toilet malfunctions or when something is blocking the pipes.

What you can do is to turn off the flow of water. The valve is under the toilet line beside the toilet. Turn it anti-clockwise.


Duct Obstructions

Ducts are important to divert water to the side of the roof. Over time, obstruction or even damage can happen to your ducts. This can result in having a big pool of water, during the rainy season. Build-up of water, as a result, can damage the surrounding bathrooms, kitchen, or other parts of your house.

It may pose a danger to your house if water touches your electrical wirings. Appliances can get damaged. What’s worse, it can start a fire.

Lastly, for water build-up, it can serve as a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is not good for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.


Rupture in Pipes

This is a big problem. For rupture in pipes, you can potentially lose hundreds of gallons of water! This will be very expensive. As an immediate action to do, turn off water sources. Remove all furniture or other belongings that may be soaking wet to avoid further damage.

Call a professional plumber ASAP to deal with this emergency. Repair or replace the pipes.


Sump Pump No Longer Working

The sump is a hole with a gravel base. It is located in the lowest part of your house like the basement. A sump pump removes accumulated water. It ensures your basement does not get flooded. Hence, when the sump pump is no longer working, your basement will get flooded. This can destroy your appliances of furniture.


HVAC Problems

The meaning of HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC and plumbing go hand in hand. A pipe moves the water from the unit to the outer drainages.

The problem with your plumbing or pipes can affect your HVAC system. It may also malfunction or not work according to how it should. A result might be inconsistent flow or air. It can also be unequal heating or cooling. The efficiency will also be lower. Plus, electricity bills might jack up too.


Leak in Hoses

We have several hoses in our houses. It can be those used for gardening or those used in washing machines. Leaking hoses in a washing machine can lead to a big burst of water. Flooding inside the house can happen.


Poor or No Water

You may be taking a bath, suddenly the water starts to come out very poorly. Or worse case, they may stop altogether. That can be frustrating. This can be due to many reasons. Call a professional to find out the source of the problem and fix it.


Issues of Sewage System

Now, this is the hardest part to deal with. It is dirty, smelly, and gross. It will also be expensive to fix. The sewage system can spread illnesses or diseases that can lead to death. It is because of the substances in there and other toxic materials. Seek help from a credible professional to deal with sewage system-related concerns.

Are any of these plumbing situations familiar with you? What can you do to address these? You can call the water department or your water service provider in some cases. But in most of these situations, it is best to get the service of a professional plumbing company.

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