What to do if your Geyser Bursts

Being housebound means that you might be on your own should any emergency happen, but here's what to do if your geyser bursts.



Being confined to our homes during the various levels of the current lockdown means that we have to deal with many home emergencies on our own. Yes, we can call out a plumber, but with so many in a similar situation it might be some time before someone can come out to attend to your emergency.







If a geyser bursts at your home - or place of employment -  panic usually sets in. It is indeed a moment of crisis with water and ceiling debris potentially causing a lot of damage to your property.

Being prepared with a plan will go a long way towards taking quick and resolute action that will limit the damage and get you on top of the situation as quickly as possible.



Here's what to do in the event that your geyser does burst:

1. Shut off the water at the mains.

2. Turn off the power to the geyser.

3. Open the hot water taps to relieve the pressure of the geyser.

4. Limit the damage as much as possible using buckets and cloths.

5. Call your plumber and ask him to send a quote/invoice through to your insurance company immediately.








Thanks to Marc McRae of www.Plumbing4U.co.za  for these handy tips.




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