Adjust or replace a toilet seat

Every time I sit on the toilet seat I feel like I'm going for a roller coaster ride! Over time the screws that hold the seat can work loose and simply need to be tightened, but should they break off, you will need to replace the entire seat.




Adjustable wrench
Disposable gloves







Step 1

A standard toilet seat is fitted by sitting the seat on top of the toilet base and inserting the two screws, close to the hinge, through the holes in the top of the toilet base.



Step 2

If you are retightening a toilet seat that has come loose, take a look underneath the toilet and locate the bolts on either side (see image right). These bolts may have a flywheel screw or a plastic screw that may have come loose and simply needs to be tightened.


Step 3

If you are replacing the toilet seat, undo these screws and lift off the seat.

When unpacking your new toilet seat, note how the washers are fitted before unscrewing the assembly for fitting. Position the new seat on top of the toilet and insert the bolts into the holes, making sure that it is evenly placed on the top. Before tightening the screws, make sure that all the washers are in the right place; do not over-tighten.