How to find a professional plumber

It is frightening to acknowledge that many so-called plumbers actually don't have qualifications or experience which tarnishes the reputation of professional plumbers that do.


Recent media coverage has shown that consumers worry about the quality of plumbers in South Africa. So how do we, as South Africans, know if the plumber we hire is qualified and registered or not?

In keeping with the proposed new labour regulations, the Water Services Act, and the requirements of local authorities, ON•TAP together with IOPSA and other parties commissioned the establishment of the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB).

The PIRB has rolled out a comprehensive registration system for all plumbers to sign up for. If your plumber is registered with the PIRB, then you know that his/her performance has been monitored to ensure plumbing practices that protect the health and safety of the community.

With ON•TAP’s experience as a merchant to supply the plumbing industry and IOPSA’s governance of ethics, the PIRB aims to raise the standards of plumbing in the public interest, as well as improve the consensus of plumbers and plumbing in South Africa.

Thanks to this initiative, more metropolitans, local authorities and insurance companies require that only qualified PIRB plumbers are allowed to do plumbing works within their jurisdiction. We urge that all consumers need to be informed about the PIRB so that they can request to see their plumbers PIRB Registration Certificate before proceeding with the job.

Additional Information:
IOPSA is an organisation that was formed to raise the standards of plumbing systems, workmanship, material and ethics, for the benefit of the environment and for the peace of mind of homeowners across South African. For more information, please visit

Since the inception of the PIRB, ON•TAP has promoted the registration of plumbers with various PIRB Roadshows held across South Africa. At these events, plumbers were given the opportunity to raise questions and receive well informed answers. Positive feedback was received from supportive plumbers who understood the necessity of PIRB registration, but it was evident that it would take time to be fully implemented. PIRB Registration Certificates are available at ON•TAP stores, nationwide.

In 2009, ON•TAP was awarded an IOPSA plaque, for contributing to the upliftment of plumbing standards through unwavering commitment and dedication to the Institute Of Plumbing South Africa. ON•TAP is the first franchise group to become Platinum IOPSA members.

For more information please visit, visit your nearest ON•TAP store or go to

* Please note that ON-TAP does NOT install but can recommend PIRB registered plumbers for your area.